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I have literally thousands of dinosaurs that I need to hatch. Hundreds of which take a week to hatch. How about a day, maybe on an anniversary that we have instant hatching! We would all spend a lot of cash fusing them.

Another way to hatch a bunch of dinos efficiently is to wait for a discount and spend your bucks to speed them up.
Even though this way costs a hefty amount of resources to do, this is one if not the most efficient way to hatch all of your dinos.

Instant Hatching with no cool down would be too broken as you can empty your entire market in a couple hours.
I am pretty sure VIP has a Instant Hatching Center. Although it hatches your dinos immediately, it has a long cool down.

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At one point i was at 3500+ dinos. Use you dino cash to hatch all the common and rares. It took about 20,000, but I got rid of them. Now i am down to about 2000. Nothing you can really do about super rare and legendarys. They would cost a fortune to accelerate them. So focus on the getting Rid of the one with the fewest so you will have fewer choices in trade harbor. Super rare fetch ok lp, food and Dino cash. Get rid of some with custom trades.


Ah, I forgot all about the Trade harbour. Yes, if you want to get rid of all your creatures, accept every trade you get for creatures to resources/buildings/decorations. Custom trades also help.


Wait for a hatching discount and burh through your commons/rares and maybe the super rares. Trade away unwanted legendaries and hatch the ones that don’t get traded.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve already spent about $100,000 cash when they offered 20% discount for VIP. It really didn’t make a dent.

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Trade harbour is the best method. I strongly recommend trading lots of the same creature in custom trade for Loyalty Points.


The legendaries cost a lot to speed up. Clear the rares and commons first.

Spend bucks or time to clear out commons and rares and trade Harbour for SR and higher.

You’ll find that once you clear out your market, you’ll generate enough DB (from more Apoto Fossil to DB trades), that you’ll be able to keep everything hatched going forward.

You’ll be net positive if you dump all of your mods too.

In your custom trade, for common/rare, (and maybe super rare), you can trade MORE than 1 of them at a time.


Going from memory here, but I think the limits for creature to Dinobucks trades are

Common = 20
Rare = 10
Super-rare = 4
All Legendary types = 2

All maxed custom trades = 100 Dinobucks


Having the super rares and legendarys in your market is not that bad, they usually fetch 100-400+ Dino cash, 800-1500+ dna, 300-1000+ loyalty, 600-1500+ food. But I still get rid of them even if it’s just coin.

Get rid of Jurassic first. Aquatics have more value in trade harbor. I custom trade all top legendary aquatics for lp and it’s always 500-900 lp.

Really. I think they changed it. I can’t trade more than one now sadly. Might be bugged for me individually though.

What did you try to trade? Mine worked for me


Yesturday, the day before that, the day before that etc. Everyday

And you are trying say 5 of the exact same common creature not five different common creatures? I don’t think this is only limited to VIP.


Yes. I tried every creature I have. For example I have around 20 kaprosuchus from modded pvp. Only lets me trade one. Tried suchimimus which I have 11 of. Only 1 allowed again, tried a common which I had 15 of, only 1 again.

Do you select how many right after the dinosaur choosing or after choosing what you want. I swear I am doing it correctly. If not please correct me.

  1. Choose to trade one of the three categories of creature

  2. Select the creature

  3. Select to receive Dinobucks

  4. Max out the number of creatures

  5. Accept the trade

I’ll add pictures when I do my next round of custom trades

Edit: pictures added

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Ok I’ll wait till then. Thanks so much.