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Hatchling league tournament glitch

I was playing In the tournament when all of a sudden after winning a battle I went from predator league all the way down to hatchling league and the numbers on the other opponents were just insane. Is there a way to fix this glitch?

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From what I’ve seen on the Archelon tournament chat, everyone is starting to have this problem too, including VIP’s like me.

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Me too.!

Those scores are insane !


All this. Just for one big turtle.


I was just doing it for the turtle

Me too I was in Dominator league, and now I’m stuck in hatchling league,

Unless they fix it soon, they owe us all a turtle


Yeah they should owe us all a turtle

I was just about to get into golden league just before last league

That would be nice, but let’s be honest. The most we’d get for compensation would be loyalty points

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Probably bucks and some dna some coins

I’d like to get the 1000 bucks I spent back, for now it’s hard to get bucks in the game

Honestly, i’ve been kinda doing it for the LPs all along :grin:

Loyality points, free turtle to trade, dino bucks, DNA. Already have it unlocked and maxed out. So for me, this isn’t as bad.
But for someone who doesn’t have archelon unlocked yet, this glitch could come across as a cruel joke.

I don’t have it yet and when it first came out I was stuck in 1st for predator league

Yeaa Yeaa but mine is wayyyy worse the trophy amount of others I see is ridiculously over hundred thousands millions and ten millions and that’s only in hatching League! I fell back from Aquatic twins to hatching

Yay mine was just fixed

umm… am i being bad… or what?