Hate latest updates


Started the game a few months ago and loved it. Was easy to play. Would win a few battles and lose and few but my trophies would consistently go up. Since the last couple updates, I was almost at 2800 and just keep dropping. No point in playing a game where you can no longer get anywhere! I believe the updates have something to do with this. I’m now down to a 2500. I don’t think this is fair at all!


You are as good as your team is!!

Going up the early Arenas is easy. For progressing further, you need to keep improving your team consistently. Get in Hybrids, Epics and then legendaries. For this, you might have to be smarter, work harder, put money (if you cannot be patient enough to wait collecting coins).

This has nothing to do with the updates! Everyone got the same update as you.


You win some, you lose some. At some point you’re bound to plateau according to the level and effectiveness of your team against the current meta. It’s not a game to ‘progress’ in, it’s just a mobile game treat it like a little bit fun and don’t take it too seriously. You get knocked down, but you get up again, it’s just how it goes.


Have you updated your team to reflect the changes that were made? Some dinos were improved, some handicapped. If your line up is relying on Rapors (for example) they’re no longer as dominant as they once were.


I’m about 500 trophies below my peak, but that’s because my team has not improved as much as peoples teams who have overtaken me (struggle for DNA now spawns are lower as do not play in any high dino density areas). That’s Fine with me as I do not play that much & not upset when getting trounced by hybrids I have not been able to create yet, or Dino’s I do have but are several levels above mine
I only get irritated when I make a bad strategic error in a battle (irrespective of loss or win) as happy with a battle loss so long as I have not lost due to a silly strategy error


You probably still think your Velociraptor is gonna carry huh


I noticed that at 2700 trophies they paired me in battle with someone at the top of the leaderboard who had 5000 trophies. Like how am I suppose to get ahead. I understand winning some and losing some but not when you win one and lose 10. Please don’t be negative. No I don’t depend on my Raptors, yes I know what I’m doing. And I see it’s not just me having this same issue anymore either.


Since the last update I had problems with the battles: I am in the middle of a fight and the game stops and I have to restart it, when I enter the game does not load and the fight continues without me being able to do anything and I lost points, I was in 3750 and now because of this in 3200 and I lost the prizes they give to enter the tournament with 3500.