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Hate this! After this I need to restart the game


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Yep… many of us started to hate Owen because of this game :laughing:


This is really annoying. Should be don’t show this anymore for VIP popup.
Also any other popup with any action cause game crash. After opening the game popup for tournament appeared and I went directly redeeming reward for connecting game to facebook. After I opened reward game frozen.


I feel you…I get this too…I don’t want to be VIP, yet they persist! Agree that it needs a permanent solution.


Those hell no moments when im sitting on a bus, an ourano spawns on the way and this vip/owen pops up :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Hey mramed, Owen pops out when the game senses that you’re moving too fast and that you might be in a moving vehicle. However, you should not have to restart your game everytime this notification pops up. Could you contact our support team here at with your support key so they can try and see what the issue might be?


I think this can happen more easily if he pops up when we’re doing stuff, like collecting supply drops.


The problem ain’t that Owen shows up, it’s that he shows up when other things do like the ViP message…We should be able to tap ‘passenger’ button, but when it shows up in conflict with something else, nothing is responsive, hence the need to restart.


There should be some type of limit for how often he can pop up. Like a cool off period for him after we hit the go away button.

Really annoying when I’m apparently couch surfing too fast. (My GPS decides to drift into a useless field or something.)


The problem are the 2 pop ups at the same time!! Owen and VIP. I can’t close VIP because of Owen… And can’t close Owen because VIP. That’s why I need to restart the game

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