Hate those damn raptors


again my whole squad‘s been killed by one single lv 20 raptor.
I hate those damn things even though I like the raptors from the movies.

But they‘re something like a kO punch if you don‘t have a dino with good health.
I had Alanqa, lv 15 veloci, lv 14 posti and lv 15 monolopho. My opponent kept switching and then destroyed my whole squad.

I think those little suckers shouldn‘t use their strikes after 1 round cooldown. Lv 20 Raptors make so extremely much damage theyre extremely fast ANd reduce damage.
It‘s very frustrating for me when my opponent has such an overlevelled Veloci I don‘t even stand a chance against.

Am I the only one thinking that these raptors really are annoying little suckers? :angry::angry:

Well that wasn‘t the first time a single raptor destroyed my squad (I don‘t count switching between).
I‘m stuck in arena 5 since weeks and it‘s also frustrating if you have to battle powerful legendaries or even unique ones only with epics and rares.

Just had to let my frustration out. I‘m not moving forward since weeks. Right at the moment, I‘m not really motivated in battling.


Firstly, they aren’t over leveled as you as you need a level 20 velociraptor to make the Indoraptor.

Secondly, use dinosaurs that have a counter attack. That’s how they were nerfed. If they don’t drop the target they get hit.

Thirdly, they are a common dinosaur. Everybody has one. Everybody should have one.


I have the Rajasaurus with more or less good counterattack but a lv 19 raptor destroyed it as well.

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I haven’t had my raptor in my team for months they’re a one hit wonder


Not sure what Dino’s you have but get a Dino with Superiority strike such as Stegosaurus and you will own that little bugger.
Failing that, if you can’t beat em, join em. Level that bad boy up and have some one complain about you destroying their team.

I’ve noticed a resurgence of L20/L21 common velociraptors at mid-tier (Sorna Marshes) recently. Just use superiority strike, that’s what it was added to the game for to counter common velociraptors. Although I agree that switch-pounce spamming is a very lame tactic.

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it will be interesting with the new superiority strike since it just says “cleanse distracting”. so pounce shouldn’t be affected. raptors might come back.

Erm… it is cleansing a distraction. Pounce is a 50% distraction move :-/

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I don’t see Velociraptors as much as I used to. I currently have a lvl 18 one on my team but i’m just waiting to unlock another legendary to replace it. I’ve each time replaced my lowest performing dino and vraptor is next on the list.

Whenever I see a vraptor if i have my Stegoceratops on the team I pull that out and destroy it in 2 hits, it’s a great counter. I don’t think squads being killed by a single lvl 20 vraptor is that common now.

seeing as it’s not called distracting ____, is it really though? spinotasuchus is distracting rampage which is 2x damage and 50% damage reduction. same as pounce.

The debuff it gives is literally labeled “Distraction”. lol


is it now :thinking:

Spinotasuchuc doesn’t have 2x damage does it? Doesn’t say distracting rampage either. Not sure you got the right dino?

Eeeeh, that’s definitely not how they were nerfed. They were nerfed through stats and great tanks getting Superiority Strike.


I totally agree!!

When it uses it the Red text “Distraction” appears above the opposing creature. So yes, it indeed is.

Ah yes that one!

Well I just used my Velociraptor on strike tower and it says “distraction” onscreen when you pounce.

Well my team isn‘t as powerful and great as others are. But I won many fair battles with opponents who had teams on same lvl like mine.
Those battles often took long and were full of adrenaline and fun. I think it really makes more fun when the chances are fair. Where‘s the fun when you know you‘re screwed because your opponent can switch many times and has a high lvl veloci while you‘ve got useless dinos against this. Then its just like finish it quickly. I don‘t blame the players. I destroy opponents too if I can. Those situations are very rare but still…

But perhaps you could help me with putting the right dinos together? With my actual team I won more battles than before and I‘m often on hunts so I can evolve them (soon I‘ll start Irex). Nevertheless in those bad situations I know I‘m dead. Especially when the opponents Veloci gets a crit. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I often wish that I could choose my own four dinos. I hate it when I don‘t have luck and gotta fight with four dinos not working good together…somebody know what I mean? :rofl:

Velos are easy to beat now if you have good counters. Gorgosuchus lvl 20 can oneshot lvl 20 Velo using Cleansing strike, if Velo don’t crit.

It’s RNG. Today Gorgosuchus oneshoted my Monomimus and Irex trough Evasive stance/Cloak.