Hate when stuff like this happens

…when an epic dino I need transforms into an epic dino I don‘t need. And when I‘m walking towards them they decide to disappear.
Standing in the dark right now and I wish I could fly so I would arrive there before they vanish…

Ouranosaurus just turned into Brachiosaurus and she left before I got to her. :disappointed_relieved:

So sad. :frowning:

Just happened again. Sitting in a train and seeing that Rexy standing right in the way but I had to get 50m closer to her.
So I waited til the train would start and only 1-2 minutes later, Rexy decided to disappear.

Why me? :cry::cry:

Well I guess it will take a very long while evolving my rexy on lv 15. Only 2 more to go. If Rexy decides to show up again…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: