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Hating on swap in damage

With the 1.9 update, we’ve gotten new dinos with nifty swap-in moves. I think we’ve got about 35-40 creatures with automatic swap-out moves and another 55 or so with some type of swap-in move. 20 of those are damage causing, while the rest either buff the swapper or stun the opponent.

The rat was bad enough, but at least through the mid-arenas you can now build a team entirely of swappers. Regen and run to a rat. Swoop to an acute stun+damage. I get that swapping moves are relevant because you ideally want to use all four toons, but how much is too far?

If Ludia intends to focus on the swap so much, I’d like to be able to see the opponent’s team going in, or at least the 8-dino deck they can draw from. At least then I could try to predict what might happen. I’d prefer to just remove SI damage from the game and stick to buffs/debuffs, but if not, some visibility would be nice.

A frustrating arena has just gotten even more frustrating.

I don’t know if even if we saw the opponent’s team it would help, cause that would mean he/she would see your team to and know you have that Thor or Erlido in wait for Draco… It would basically become a mind game of when a player will swap or not.

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Don’t wanna know the opponent’s team. Takes away all the fun!


it’s a turn-based battle mechanics, not a table game.

but i already told about this in another topic, people hate the surprise element and ask for predictable mechanics. and swap damage is the top hated surprise because of its effect.

but in fact i believe it’s gonna take some time to see if players are gonna be too swappers.

i am not facing this yet. maybe after 1 month and many people have new creatures ready to team…

but i don’t know if excessive swaps is a good strategy. you lost very good damages and ability effects doing that. i tried this behaviour in some towers and friendlies and didn’t have good results. it seems better swapping only some specific moments.


I tend to play games where I have fun much more than I tend to play games where I feel irritated. I find the swapping damage to be quite irritating.

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yep. but i find jwa a lot irritating since 1.7 anyway.

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Swap in/out damage or effects. Should never be both.

Ludia could show the four dinos for each side on the battle screen.

or let us select our 4?

That better be a joke…

Swapping usually wastes time. My time is valuable to me. I’m not interested in a battle where the opponent keeps swapping. It’s irritating, I’m not acceptable to irritating things. I’ll leave the situation when that occurs.

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my time is also valuable, and i still spend hours a day, playing a game with a hundred of bugs ignored by developers. all of them very irritating.

i lost more time trying to finish friendly tasks by the way.

but you gave me an idea. i can create a topic showing how much time i lost every day with not-so-working things in jwa.

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