Hats off ludia :)


So they addressed the park situation by putting green supply drops everywhere…I LOVE that !! Well done

Some appeciation for Ludia! A well deserved one!
Agree with event not limited in park only
Increased Dino Spawns?
Events are no longer in parks
Love it!

Yay! I have several around me–can’t wait to get home after work and see if there are more nearby!


Amazing look now with many flyers. And the priority being made clear in battle by a fire torching being passed. All incredible work.

Darting must be easier I’m bad normally just got my first outstanding.


Yes and the shield animation is nice too. Great update so far, so many things to do!


I like the speed animation, it helps people understand why they didn’t get first shot with a faster creature.


Round of applause for Ludia - looks awesome (and yes, a 49 year old man can use that word).


ummm… sir, I’m just trying to say, they got dilo…


Damn - what has Dilo done to them?


So far loving the update. Good job Ludia!! Love the new green drops being everywhere, love the flying dinos, haven’t gotten to arena yet but so far so good!!


Threshold for outstanding is lower, just got it for a 213 collection, don’t normally get it until somewhere over 250.


The best thing ludia have done throughout this whole game is put green drops everywhere


Just used a epic scent and got a koolasuchus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Why would you waste 1000 cash on that


Testing it. Just got a raj spawn. 14 mins left


Spawn every 3 mins?
Are they close?
Pointless if they’re just inside your range


I have tons of green drops around my house now


They’re still in parks


Well then they are no longer exclusive to parks


We all know…


Yeh so what’s your point