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Hatzeg special

I have almost 30k DNA and am wondering if this is a sign that I need more

At least I know why all the stegosaurus’s left, the birds must have gotten too irritating for them too lol


Ditto on the DNA! I keep thinking I should just upgrade this silly bird and add him to my team for the fun of it.

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I fought against a level 21 today…I was very confused when it came out. Why spend the coin on that?

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I assume you smashed him promptly?

Haha. Yes I did. My Irex wasn’t impressed.

I love it when someone who just got a brand new Alanqa tries using its SIA when Rex or any of my other shieldbreakers is on the field.


Just the looks of amazement and utter disappointment I imagine on their faces is funny enough. But seriously, you can’t bring a pterosaur onto your team without really levelling it up first. That’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

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I have a level 15 Alanqa and it’s proven itself many times. Obviously you can’t use it against just anything but I’ve frustrated many players by swapping it in.

I lost a battle last night, opponent had 2 birds. None of my deck had defense shattering or nullify. My other 4 that weren’t chosen all had one or the other. Odds were against me lol

I try and use the Pteranodon from time to time and it just can’t cut it. For one, it’s too slow, all the birds are in my opinion. For example Dsungaripterus, a creature with a 3 metre wing span is slower than Stegosaurus, a 6 ton 9 metre long animal. Really Ludia? That’s absurd to me.

Anyway, the other reason I find Pteranodon difficult to use is that it doesn’t have the health to counter it’s slow speed. You get maybe one counter off before you die. I can only hope they decide to buff the pterasaurs in the next update. They desperately need it otherwise they’ll be relegated to everybody’s “That looks cool but isn’t very good” pile.

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That’s the reason people are using them. They look cool, therefore they MUST kick a$$. Unfortunately in this game, that logic isn’t sound.

Just because we got pterosaurs doesn’t mean that suddenly the meta is gonna change overnight. I can’t count how many pteros I’ve killed while climbing up through lockdown. The only ones that don’t see any use are Quetz, Hatzeg, Tupandactylus and Dorkus.

Yes, they’re neat to look at. But can they do much damage to your opponent? Not unless you level them up, and I mean HIGH.

My Hatzeg is currently sitting on a PILE of DNA - enough to get her to 20, if I had the coin. All of my pteros are in my collection. So far, Ludia’s done a great job with nerfing these animals straight out of the gate before people could begin “summoning the NerfRaptor”, so well done with the pre-emptive nerf, guys.

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Then they add insult to injury by giving us that survey which confirmed they knew the pterosaurs were trash from the start.

I’m sitting on 41k of this creatures DNA, and no plans to level him beyond where he is (lvl 3). Hoping they decide to make a hybrid with him that’s decent, so still dart one occasionally when I’m bored or nothing else is around lol.

Agreed. Would love to see the birds get a stat rebalancing at some point. They have a coolness factor but would be a lot cooler if they were more viable in arena play.

Agreed. Also with the addition of swap in abilities, I had envisioned a new way of battling.

Instead of just a linear parade of creatures that would take turns knocking the stuffing out of each other until one of them fell over, we would be encouraged to use our whole team. Bringing each creature’s strengths to bear against a single opponent.

The Pterosaurs would have been perfect at harassing the opponent like a flock of birds. Striking lightly but often while simultaneously being difficult for the other player to strike at effectively.

What could have been. :expressionless:

I agree they need a huge speed buff imo. I mean they can fly and where probably agile. 126-129 speed range.