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Have anyone else noticed how players can aparently look at eachothers boosts now?

here’s a few screenshots of some recent opponents boosted creatures…


Yep. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Hrmmm. I like it. you can get a better feeling of how the team of your opponent matches up against yours after the battle.

Are you talking about the blue stat numbers lol??


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Ok I’ve been able to see blue boosted stats since boosts first came out maybe it just getting to some other devices now thanks !!:slight_smile:

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or maybe i just haven’t noticed it until now :rofl:

This is new with 1.11

I’m sure there are screenshots of creatures on the forum pre 1.11 with blue boosted stats !!:slight_smile:

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You can see their boosts in battle, but this is when you’re done battling and can see their profile with their team. I haven’t been able to see boosts just by looking at their team outside of battle, so that’s new.

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My numbers would be all white I guess lol.


Oh wow that is something new.

Maybe read what the post is about next time before trying to sound smart.

Not only yours. Mine too :smiley: Still unboosted

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Now you can creep on people’s profiles like Facebook :smirk:

besides the (somewhat) daily link rewards, i haven’t used facebook at all since like mid 2014 or something, but ok

You can only see the friendly teams in the profile, not the PvP team.

Yeah noticed that too. I really don’t care about a friendly team when inspecting someone, hope this is just a bug :slight_smile:

you used to be able to see the PvP team. at least day 1 of this update. i thought people were just using a fake team so people couldn’t see their boosts, but it looks like they changed it to just seeing friendly teams. know i saw most teams at the top with teams full of 160 speed dinos :scream: