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Have been on a reconnect screen for the past 2 days

Every time I go into the game I get a message saying “We are having trouble connecting to our servers. Please check your internet connection and try to log in again”. Every time I press reconnect the same message pops up. I download the app on another device connected to the same internet and it worked so it is not a problem with my internet. I have deleted and reinstalled the game 4 times already and nothing has worked. I have not changed any settings in my device that could have caused this to happen. Please fix the game

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Hey Sagi_Eshte_Tsenga, could you please reach out to our support team at so our team can take a closer look?

If you have your support key, please include it in the email as well.


I’m having the same problem since today! I tried reinstalling, clearing cache, tried on mobile or home WiFi… tried an alternate device even… I cannot get in. On android, if i choose to login as a guest, it works… but I cannot by any means get into my main account… it does this exact thing and doesn’t even give me a support key at the bottom like it’s supposed to.

Sorry for the trouble, Lazure.

If you haven’t emailed our support team yet at, please do so as they’ll be more than happy to look into it. Thank you!

I found same problem since this morning till now. I’ve tried reinstall app also reset my device but problem still there.
I did sent mail to support team but I don’t have support key since it error pop up before support key showing.

Same thing but I have to update it

I have the same problem; why Ludia does nothing. If I write to the support - how much can I wait? week? today is a tournament - and this is very sad

Our team will try to respond as soon as possible, Mika. It may take a few business days depending on the current ticket volume. Your patience is appreciated!

I have the same problem, can someone fix it?
I see that to contact ludia you need the support code but I don’t have it.

Hey there, zeus25. If you don’t have your support key, please still feel free to contact our support team. Our team will definitely try their best in assisting you.


I don’t know if Android devices have something similar, but on the iPhone you can go to Settings, scroll down to your apps and click on JW Alive and your support key should be in there.

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Not only you…I miss raid boss on Monday . Why Ludia don’t do something

It has been 20 days and my game is still not working. I also haven’t gotten an email back from the support team

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Hey there, Sagi_Eshte_Tsenga. I’m sorry to hear that you have not heard back from our team yet. I have gone ahead and sent you a private message here on the forums.