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Have boost 2.0 destroyed the META — Will everyone ALWAYS play the same stuff?


Have the introduction of boost 2.0 also destroyed the meta?

Their are running around some really overboosted dinos in the arena, how to face them with unboosted ones?

How can I enjoy more variated battles?

Why try to stay in the top if everyone use same stuff every day?

Is this NEW meta a form of derank?

Is it time to bring back the lower dinos?

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they have not. Use what you want/do whatever you want. It’s your game experience.


From a perspective it’s hard to keep it up in the top, and playing with new dinos.

  1. The amount of boosts, speed for sure, make it very expensive to use NEW dinos in your team

  2. Then players max a few dinos to crush other player.

  3. Those monsters will be like a gate in different areas, where new dinos can’t come true.

Sure, I try a lot of different stuff.

But playing the game to become better and better is no longer a good purpose.

You can’t come anywhere any longer in the progress.

I would ignore the “2.0” part.


In the 1.0 you could get more boost for a lower cost, then try out new stuff. Odd dinos.

This meta / 2.0 is more playing safe cards.

Or what you think?


i see alot of different things in the arena. allow players to boost and level new creatures and we will see more. i for one and working on 3 new dinos.

As someone who went through Boosts 1.0 without applying a single boost, I will try to answer your questions.

No, the meta has no been destroyed. Users will boost the most powerful, meta relevant creatures as always. As the meta changes, they will boost them. Your unboosted or less boosted team will have to adapt and change. Your meta will change along with theirs.

You have to learn to play a different game. Use their boosts to your advantage. Go into battle knowing they will always be faster and stronger.

Your team will have to be different. You cannot fight fire with fire, fight fire with water. The variety will come on your end. Your stable of usable creatures will increase while theirs remains the same.

They did before boosts anyway, nothing changed there. Look at the top teams, they all pretty much had the same creatures on them.

You will ‘derank’ or be lower in trophies, no doubt about it. You cannot compete on an even playing field. Question is, how far you let yourself fall.

They do not need to be lower, just different. Thor to Thor, their boosted one will almost always win. So don’t fight Thor with Thor.


I think that was an illusion… you’d have to spend a lot on another dino for it to be competitive and properly tested. And that might be a waste.

There’s also the opposite point of view. Now even non-boosted dinos can still be useful for a longer while, cause even a tier 3 or 4 won’t make that much difference.

It is a fact that unless you boost the crap out of some dinos you will never make the top of the leaderboard. In order to do this effectively you had to have been buying en masse from day 1. If you didn’t, no, you won’t ever make it to say, top 300 or so?

When boosts first came out, I bought and used them thinking “great! I can boost up my favorite dinos to the level where they can compete with uniques”. Naive as I was… I didn’t even think about people boosting those uniques to the moon. So I spread my boosts around and hung out in the same leaderboard range as I always had. With 2.0 I went boost free for a while (not nearly as long as I had planned) and then boosted 5 select dinos. Where am I now? top 25 - where everyone is still playing all the same things (for the most part) with the few oddballs thrown into the mix.

All that being said - yes, I agree that there is a barrier that the non-booster will run into and never progress beyond. It makes me think of how Ludia describes boosts, and how that is a bunch of crap - “a fun customization feature”. Baloney, it’s a money-making scheme to prey on the people who have the big bucks and a competitive streak a mile wide.

I am no longer buying any boosts at these ludicrously inflated prices. Instead, I decided to just putz around and make my own fun. I’m working on my all L30 epics team, sometimes I drop to play with what I have. Hunting is fun and it gets me out. I’ll unboost some things eventually, but for now I’m glad I had the chance to make it as high as I have.


I think we’re reaching what could either be considered acceptance or apithy… Our teams aren’t likely to get much better (and I guess neither is the game) so we may as well just enjoy it for what it is. A casual game.


Well stated. It is simply a way for Ludia to milk the players. It’s fun for them to count the money - I think that’s what they actually meant.

I liked Boost 2.0 for the first few days. Then, as the arena started changing I boosted a few of my dinos.

Now that I see the pricing and their approach I need to figure out a new way to play as well or just try a different game. Too bad, as I was enthused by a couple of the recent changes. At the end of the day it’s not worth getting worked up about. It is just a game and there are many more important things in life that deserve my attention more.

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I think Boost originally is what killed the variety in arena because once people Boosted they had to keep the team or it would throw everything off or they’d have to buy more boost.

I try to get my creatures to 25 or higher before putting them in my team. They’re unboosted so I can switch them around without issues. I use what I think is fun or I like.

Thanks for a wonderful replay!

Yeah. Now I use only armour dinos. But lack a few speed dinos…

So better to have a balance of leveling up the team… Both armour, speed and some bleed…

I see your point…

I do have a hard time in the arena because some players overboosted just a handful dinos.

  1. My slow and armoured dinos can’t compete agains their speed

  2. And my speed is to low to be effective. Should I accept that. Don’t know right now.

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If evrybody use the same, there is an easy way to win. Play anti-meta, dinos specialized to fight the standard setup.


Even if one day we will have boost 5.0,people take the closest things to tyrant and lvl up,the rest doesnt matter.
Because people raised up their indoraptor,thor and draco,you will see these for a little while i guess.


I give an example.

  1. Start with Tryko. I meet a Erlidom who rampage.
  2. Someone swap in a DC


  1. I start with Utasino speed 134 (balance) and someone start with Magna 138+ boost. They use distract and rampage.
  2. Utasino dead


  1. I start with unboosted Thor. Meet a Dilorano, they distract, and use rampage. Dead

Every move I take is always bad.

  • My beauty is Tryo, speed 138. Effective. But just as a follow up.
  • I try to swap-in the Vex to bleed down the tryko or Thor, and to use Tryo. Dosen’t work that great, the Thor health is to high to following up with a Tryo hit.
  • The Monostego is a good dino, give a lot of damage to opponents, but can’t kill anything by it’s own.

I just mean, Nothing feels effective, If you try to go outside the box.

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On my 2nd account I play in the 3000 to 3500 and get matched against players 3000-3700,

This is all the dinos used on the last 10 teams I played. I highlighted the top 3 most used creatures. I was surprised that all of the 10 teams I played had an Indominus Rex. So 22% of the games creatures are being used discounting players at this level don’t have unique’s yet (except for me). There is good variety now which is a lot better than back in summer with all the over boosted Einiasuchus’s, Sinoceratops’s, Miragaia’s, Concavonator’s, Carnotaurus’s. Every team had these 5 and then usually a T-rex and a couple others. It was the same exact battles over and over like the upper arena’s are.

Variety Variety2

I’m still able to play unboosted team at 5100-5200 range. This in boosts 1.0 wasn’t possible.

Sure there are some boosted monsters, but mostly one or two per team. When players don’t draw them, they are easily beatable.

That team of yours is super strong. Honestly, I usually LIKE when my first creature dies first. The key for me is preparing the ground for my second dino. In your case I would boost the hell up the speed of Tryos for example and it will be a beast. If a rat comes, Utasino or Thor can kill it… You also have Monostego and Vexus to swap in, which is another key to victory, not to mention Tryko and Dio to tank the Erlidos… And so on…

I’m using Tryko, Dio or Tenonto as starters mostly. Still on 0 boosts used.

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