Have coins become harder to get?


…Or is RNG just laughing at me right now?

Since the latest 50mb(ish) update, I’ve stalled badly on coins. I’m receiving about 32-36 coins at supply stops, or just none at all. I rarely manage to get 106 coins from them, whereas pre-update that was the most common amount for me. I’m barely able to get 2k a day because of this.


Free Players get lower/half the coins than VIP players for each spin though the total coin limit is now same for both. So basically free players have to spin twice the supply drops. Also, the coin limit increases with level.

Based on above restrictions, I haven’t seen any difference lately. I get anything from 99 to 499 coins (Level 16) in most of the supply drops and am able to reach my limit in a couple of hours of collecting. Also, always reach the cash limit of 40 by then.


It seems that you haven’t played the first couple months. That was the time when the coins were hard to obtain. No strike events, regular SD gave only half of the day limit and even less than now. So you had to spin all normal SD to reach the limit and in the evening go to a park to collect the rest.


I’ve been playing since the official launch, but I wasn’t talking about the other events, I was only referring to the supply drop coins.


Even from SD it’s easier to get coins that at the game start.


It hasn’t been that way for me lately, hence the topic. I wasn’t doing too badly with coins from supply drops at the start, as far as I can remember. Looks like it’s just bad RNG though.