Have Dino Spawn that you Donated

In order to get people to donate dinos we find hard to give up, make it so if you donate the full amount of a requested dino DNA, the requested dino will spawn right after. This way we can recoup the DNA we gave.

I don’t know why, but your ideas are always the worst


:joy::joy: im dead

Yes, I second this. I want to give my little brother all my Dracorex gen 2 DNA, dart the ones that spawn, then force my little brother to give the Dracorex gen 2 DNA back to me. Solid 10/10 plan :+1:

I’m kidding btw, I don’t like this idea.

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I still think this is a good idea. For example. I’m down to dead about nothing on stegasaurus because they moved them to parks. I can’t get to parks now for snow and cold. I can’t give them. I use them up as soon as I get them. I would give up what I have if they made it so a stegasaurus would spawn to dart after donating. This way we could slowly work on stuff we can’t get the components for and be able to help other easier where we all need the same components.

You can only donate so much each. I could not give ALL of a dino to anyone. I have over 70K Lythronax. It would take a year to donate ALL to one person. But for those hard to get, having the dino you donated spawn after donating would help so I can give things I can’t right now.

Any one want MJ’s? They replaced the Lythronax in L1.

Then dont donate. No one is gonna know u did it. Its a selfless act.

U can see who donated to you… :man_facepalming:

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Just because you think its a good idea doesnt mean that its a good idea.

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