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Have "fun"

To those who obviously violated the rules by exploiting stat boosts because of a bug:
Every battle against u makes me very angry. If u get any kind of satisfaction by beating us with your way overpowered team then u realy must be some kind of sadist. It’s like a heavyweight fighting a lightweight: not fair, no fun at all.
I hope Ludia doing the right actions. Maybe tomorrow when the maintenance is done. U violated the rules so banning u all should be the right action. U don’t have to be an expert to know who violated the rules so for Ludia should this be a piece of cake to figure that out.
Have “fun” …hopefully not for a long time anymore!

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Well they (Ludia) have already stated that they are not gonna punish anyone over anything to do with Boosts.

I didn’t realize this was such a big issue to some people. Most of us are just hoping for a working PvP game when the smoke clears, not pointing fingers at players or hoping for bans.

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Despite them specifically saying they wont be taken any actions against people… some people still think Ludia is gonna punish people who pushed this game up to 163 on playstores top grossing chart… since boosts have been taken off the menu its back down to 202.

Id be surprised if their actions arent more match making algorithms.

No rules were broken. Most players thought that was normal. I would probably think that too if I had seen it.


I was going to point that out to the OP also.

I did not purchase any boosts so have no dog in that fight. They were offered in the store for several days, Speed boost packages also, at least for a short time. The offer to purchase when leveling was also available for a few days. Granted not to all device users, but was an available option.

How users were able to take advantage of the level-up offer might be up for discussion, however no rules that I can see were actually broken.

Popup offer: “Hi. Would you like to spend money on our game? If yes, click the link below!”

Had I wanted to spend a significant amount of money on the game, I might have purchased all I could also. If I was a high-level competitive player, I definitely would have made many purchases of available offers. Once I saw what an advantage they gave in in Arena, I would have received many email notices from Google with my $99.99 orders on them.

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I rarely agree with Arnold. I am more than pleased we have come to common grounds. I also cannot disagree with op. I also know times, they are a changing.