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Have Ludia ever considered


2x DNA darting or Fuses on certain days or weekends?


maybe they should acually… sounds good


sounds interesting :slight_smile: but inform me about it like 2-3 weeks before it goes live to have the coins and the dna needed :stuck_out_tongue:

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There have been forum discussions in the past about JWA should have Jurassic Park/World visitors. And when those visitors are present certain things will happen. For example; Dr. Wu visits fusion rewards are increased. Or if Hammond visits the coin rewards are increased. Muldoon increases your ability to hit during darting by increasing target size.


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They can be like happy hours.


Not sure marketing would go for the booze link, but it’s a fun idea!

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Its certainly a fun idea :-). And a proven success formula. Pokemon go uses this tactic to get their community excited (double stardust, double candy,…). During an exclusive double dna fuse period, everyone will start fusing and this means they will need more coins to level up their dinos, which leads to more player play, engagement and nore coin sell at the shop.

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Let’s hope that the rumors from Metahub about Epic DNA trading, possibly in the next big update are true; because I am in desperate need of Epic dinosaur DNA.

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No offence but this is the exact reason I am against epic dna trading. You’re in desperate need of epic dna so you want your alliance to give it to you? What are you going to give back? Common? If you need epic dna you should hunt for it like everyone else and not rely on your alliance to create your team for you. Trading is just there to supplement your team and not be the main source of dna. They definitely need alliance tools in place to monitor requests, donations and contributions to missions before this gets put in place. Not to mention the advantage an alliance with cheaters in it would have.