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Have more common legendary hybrids

Me @Angelo_Snoha thinks that we need more legendary hybrids that are mixed with 2 commons send me pictures or buff ups

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No just no
It’s going to destabilize pvp even further

We alredy have mono and draco we don’t need anymore


How rude @dan1209 :pleading_face:

what do you mean im just saying that adding more op legendaries from 2 commons is a very bad idea
Why not make more rare hybrids instead


Honestly yeah, i’m fine with mono and draco being legendary, but we need more rare hybrids

But then again it isn’t realy that a legendary hybrid made from 2 commons would have to be OP. But again if such an easy to make creature is slightly too strong, it’s gonna be way more overused and seemingly strong, then a highly execlusive strong legendary


A legendary with 2 common parents should probably be on the lower end in terms of stats so we won’t have another monolometron or dracoceratops

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More rare hybrids would be the most important given how few of them there are (can’t even make a team of 8 decent ones for tournaments), but I don’t think there’s a reason to avoid legendary hybrids…just don’t expect them to be as silly powerful as the ones we already have.