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Have not received incubator I paid for


I’m looking for some help for my daughter. She used her Christmas iTunes voucher to buy the £9.99 holiday haul incubator. (3 times) and didn’t actually get the incubator. Has anyone had this before. She’s been waiting a while for a response through in game support but I guess it’s christmas so there’s no one in the office.


No ones in the office till 1st jan

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It’s an iTunes card. Are iTunes cards able to convert to cash?
Maybe that’s why?
I’m just trying to help with my limited knowledge.


I’m sorry to hear that your daughter was having some issues with her purchases @Bev_Bailey. Our team would be happy to assist her once they get a chance to take a look at her ticket. To help our team’s investigation, could you make sure that important information such as a purchase receipt from the app store and her support key was included in the email to our support team? Thanks!

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Thank you. I’ll send the receipts on from her account.