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Have not recieved any irritator dna in weeks

Title says it all, its been about 3 weeks since I recieved even 1 measly dna for this. I have been doing the power up strike events and having to fight Irritator all week but 0 dna.

Have also opened about 10 arena incubators for a total of 0 irritator dna.

Ludia devs, you can stick your exclusive un-available dinos right up your greedy #%@&*.


Be nice if the standard incubator was 27 Rare Irritator not 27 common.

Seems Irritator is needed 200 a time and we don’t get much. Such a different story to my 30k of Galli.


I’m on exactly the same boat… I have enough pyro to fuse 32 times but I’ve not seen an irritator in weeks☹️

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I got some today from my 15 minute incubator. I went out to do the common strike tower in the hopes I might get some, but nope, not sure why I hoped for it, I knew it wouldn’t happen.

Wowza, I got 8 Pyro worth of dna for fuses saved up and can’t even do one fuse because of Irritator! I don’t like repeat events much but really want them to repeat the Irritator event again!

I’ve gotten irrigator twice in two days from a 3 & 8 hour, but at 26 and 32 I’m getting nowhere fast.

I got 500 from rare strike. Just enough to make it 15 hahaha. And my pyro stack at 13 coz out of my zone. Lol

Need another Irritator event. I’ve got enough for 12 fuses for the Magnapyritar but at 10 dna per fuse, I’m not going to be able to create it yet especially with shortage of Dimetrodon as well

I have had maybe 100 from incubators :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess this is their way of making players buy incubators, by severely limiting supplies

I got 21 today from a 15 minute incubator

I wanna be like the top players, I want a level 28 magnapyro… Ye keep dreaming Dan haha maybe in about 10 years

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They sure are spoon feeding us Gali though, who is also an exclusive dino.

Would be nice if Irritator could get the same month long love fest as Gali :neutral_face:

Yeah, the thing is we will probably need double the Irritator event since as a rare you get half as much attempts as common. 200 per fuse for a Unique is pretty steep. Also likely that they feed us more Galli because that one you have to be at higher arena to get, and most people aren’t one Jurassic Ruins yet

So much Galli, I’m not even being bothered to go out of my way to grab it from the SE drops

I know right, i still have 17 to dart from yesterday but I really dont feel like going out after work again this evening :expressionless: if it was Irritator I would leave early and be happy to dart.

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Is Pyrritator real worth the investment? I do have 5 fuses worth of DNA. But low on coins. I can get the supply drop work for the coins, but, is the Pyrritator worth all this effort?

Currently I have: Utasinoraptor(Lvl16), MegaloSuchus(16), Stegoceratops(20), IRex(19), TraGod(19), StegoGod(21), Gorgosuchus(17) and Alanqa(15).

The Galli dna goes fast though. I got mine to lvl 25 and it wiped out my stash fast. Especially at 10dna per fusion.

I’m ok with it just sitting at lvl 20 for now. It might get a unique, and I’m not high enough in the ranks for it needing to be higher than lvl 20. (My thoughts anyway)

I only accumulate Irritator dna for the unique Magnapyritar. I have Pyritator at 20, took her off my team.