Have not recieved my in game purchase

So it’s been 15hours since my purchased and still haven’t recieved anything ? Seems like I gave out money just to have it taken? Yes I opened a ticket… iv also tried emailing the support address given on the forum support… it says the email is no longer in service? My ticket in game was contacted in the middle of the night?.. like I’m suppose to be awake staring at my open ticket for 15 hours straight?? This is very poor service especially when real money is involved. Yes I have my support number and proof of purchase and still be left to wonder where my money has gone??? Would be nice to have a actually working email address that I can contact to recieve actually support… really starting to regret this purchase.

What email address did you submit to?

This is one of them I also tried

Was this for something like a pack? You should get that immediately if the charge went through. You certainly can dispute the charge if you never got it and get tired of waiting. And yeah, the in-game support is a joke and should really fixed, since I’ve never seen someone actually come online in that chat in remotely a timely fashion.

Yeah it was a pack and here I am still waiting… really starting to believe this is
a joke as well… also doubting this automated message that I get saying they are “extremely busy” seems more like extremely understaffed… theres no way someone who makes a purchase should be waiting this long. Wonder if I dont bother at all’ if my purchase would ever be noticed? or just taken¿ … hmm think I’m going to have to call… i wonder how long that’s going to take … maybe I’ll get another automated message over the phone lmao

And you are certain you did get charged for it? Even when I’ve had a server disruption or something along those lines when redeeming a pack in something like the lottery, it still shows up later.

And yeah, a large company like this wouldn’t check every individual game to see if there was a glitch getting a purchase in it, they would expect the customer to contact them if there was an issue.

Hey Gizmo_Gremlin, I’m sorry to hear that you were having some issues with your purchase. Once our team gets a chance to see your ticket, they’ll be sure to try and assist you further with this.

Our team can also be reached through email at support+forums@ludia.com.