Have problem with map


After updating, for 3 days I have problems with the map. The map does not load: (((

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Finally can play again! Map solved

The same , i has to do all strategy but not good for start the map… 3day i.m vip thank you ludia!! =(


3 Day i cant Hunt dinos because i see nothing. When i start play game not have any problem, but Last month have 2 3 problems…Screenshot_20180726-044438


Since the latest (major) upgrade i am also having troubles with my map. It doesnt show streets, dino’s etc. This means this fame has become worthless. I have cleared cache, data, did a reinstall of the app, nothing worked. And tes i have permitted this app to use location.
When will this huge issue be solved?Screenshot_20180728-133029


badly:(( reinstalled already several times. Everything still does not work. I’ll wait for updates !!!


Same here. I tried to do everything, but nothing works


I can’t see Dinos or streets on the map too.


Same at my phone…map does not load since Thursday.My phone is HuaweiP8 lite.
Which phones are you using?


I can’t play for like 2 days.
Everytime that i open the game it’s gonna be like this


Same Huawei p8 ligth;)))


So appearently it seems that the blank map bug happened all across different devices but every device was abled to solve the issue by clearing the cache and restarting the device except for huawaii devices. Those will just have to wait until there will be a hotfix dealing with this particular problem.
Pls ludia, if you do not fully test your updates to run properly on EVERY device do not release it. I am missing all the events, can’t collect dna or coins. I can’t play the game at all like this.


Who here has this problem and is using a huawaii device?


I think a lot of;)) I am


I have this problem,too


I am too. Huawei P9 light here.


The Dame problema as some others. NĂŁo doesnt load! How can i fix it. All the requiremts are active.Screenshot_20180727-233215


Huawei Yll 2 here… I’m really upset on the missing events and not being able to collect DNA to progress in PvP (tired of losing)… Should we demand a free incubator from LUDIA with the event dinos for this? I suppose it would be more than fair…


@KueKas yeah i am with you. Would just be fair for us to get the dna we are missing due to that bug since thats not our fault


My map ist blank since 4 days i not amused


Same at my phone…since Thursday