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Have PvP bots changed?

Have changes been made to Pvp?

I was previously stuck in the 2100-2300 zone of arena for a few months

I haven’t changed the gear that I’m using and have had a few minor character and gear level increases yet I’ve suddenly zoomed to 3159 and am winning a far greater % of battles (often against bots because of my time zone)

Wondering if bots have had their dmg increases removed (they previously had a damage buff yeah)?

The other thing I’ve noticed Is that bots often walk forward instead of attacking when they don’t need to (Eg ranged attackers that aren’t ability blocked).

Anyone else noticing differences?


Bard sometimes move forward when there no reason now I had notice too

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I had been hanging around 2300-2500 and am now over 3000 myself. I actually saw your name next to mine on the leaderboard yesterday.

In fact I just looked again and you are 7 places above me


You’ve either got it or you don’t

And boy, you ain’t even close!


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Was wondering when I’d bump into someone from the forum

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Every time I go into the leaderboard it crashes - best I’ve been able to see is a quick glimpse that I was in the 400 zone somewhere.

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That sucks… hope that gets fixed… I have the problem that everyone seems to have with it freezing while giving guild donations, but other than that I am normally pretty stable

My game crashes all the time in various areas

I had a good run for a while

Into the mid 300’s

Then had the longest battle and the biggest rip off the game has ever seen. Completely wiped a team with only his cleric with bone vs my cleric with bone and my big hitters all in full health (wizard, archer, can’t recall the fourth). In all seriousness his death ward popped 28-29 times out of 30 was the most absurd thing I’ve seen in the utter absurdity that is PvP. After that loss had a series of complete rip-offs to end up lower than I started :wink:

Also a bit of a rip with trophies got 19 for a win then low twenty something for next win then lost 34 when I lost next battle

Yeah I don’t like the way they do the trophies… basically if you are even with your opponent you win or lose 30… if you are higher than your opponent you win under 30 or lose more than 30… reverse that if you are lower than your opponent.

I would like to see a way to refuse to battle someone who is too much higher or too much lower than you

Ok never looked at how it works assumed it was based on renown level

It’s dumb basing it on higher or lower as it’s pretty meaningless within the range that it picks opponents - should just be flat trophy rewards

Just had another absurd battle in which their fighter one shot killed all 4 members of my team (one at a time), doing 2800 dmg on each hit. Lol PvP is super dumb sometimes

What a coincidence. Seeing your comments I checked the leaderboard and noticed Turbotarry just below me.

Below you? I’ll have to fix that wrong :wink:

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I too have had a sudden rise. But then again I put in way too much time grinding away at all parts of the game. I’d like to think I’m getting better but more likely Ludia made it a little easier!

Hey TT just saw you :wink:

Above? As you didn’t mention just saw you lower down :wink:

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Nah we played each other. I won after my ranger did that one shot thing we all hate when it’s against us lol


I don’t use the epic (cheat) bow, I use the long bow. Might shift to cheat bow when I’ve got it to level 7.

It really is one of the things that ruins PvP though - often decides the match

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