Have Swap In Moves Gotten Slower?

Since the 1.13 update, it feels like swap in attacks are taking ages to happen.
So much so that the next turn counter kicks off while the attack animation is still happening.

I’m also getting this weird glitch where after someone stuns me via a swap in, End Turn is the only clickable option, but then my dino suddenly uses its default attack in the next turn.

Very strange, but I’m trying to figure out if this is a glitch of the game or if my phone has just gone mad!


Yes. My kapro now takes ages to perform his attack, and when someone swaps in a Dracoceratops or Monostego, it gets boring too.

Also, I can confirm the stun thing. If you hit the end turn, it performs default move.

swap in moves cause a delay. (even normal swaps)
There are all kinds of bugs happening with this.

The swap-in stun is certainly a bug and a change in behaviour since the update. When a dino gets stunned on a swap-in they essentially lose the current turn they were about to attack with (which is as it should be) but then the end turn shouldn’t be visible and they should get to choose the attack. I thought it was stunned for the second turn as well, but you may be right with the basic default attack. I’ve taken to swapping out to another dinosaur if the end turn shows as otherwise dino will be hit first.

if you wait about 5 seconds, the stun goes away and allows you to actually choose your move. it’s annoying, especially with speed ties.


People are using this bug to swap in to do a speedtie (when a pachy or maia or something has enough hp to take it out) and automatically win if they get the stun, cause of the moves appearing at 11 seconds for the opponent…

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This has happened a couple of times to me now with the opponent swapping in and me being about 5 seconds late to the speed tie.
It’s daft that Ludia keeps adding these exploitable bugs!

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Thanks for reporting this, everyone! I’ll inform our team. If you haven’t already, could I ask you to email our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and device information? It’d be helpful for their investigation.


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