Have the bans started?

I tried to comment on the post on the subject of anti-cheats in the game, but it was considered necro publishing, in short, my question is regarding this image that I found in a facebook group dedicated to the game.

The image does not belong to me or anything like that, only someone shared it without giving much info. This is part of the anti-cheat system? Could it be due to something else? or is it just an edit.



Have what ban’s started? Like some mass banning for something a bunch of people did? Think you need to provide a little more info.

From what I understand people get banned all the time for various reasons. So some person on FB got a temp ban for something they were not supposed to be doing and got caught. Seems normal no?


Thanks for comment ; I refer to the announcement that they found with update 50 and its “cheater protocol”. [News] Jurassic World: The Game - Cheaters Protocol | March 10, 2021

Until before that date (as far as I know) ludia had not spoken about it and at least I had not seen that type of message (I have been in the game for 2 years).

Logically, it is in the terms and conditions of the game that you may be worthy of a sanction, but outside of that, ludia did not pronounce on the matter despite the large number of users who cheat. Obviously, it is normal for people to be punished when they commit a fault, what I am not sure is if Ludia will really start to carry it out as I mentioned months ago or is it just a particular case?

But from what I understand in your message and correct me if I am wrong, is that you say that they have always sent this type of message when they detect some use of cheating and it is normal for them to send them?

Personally it is the first time that I see it. I would love for you to start banning all those who take advantage of someone else’s program to enhance their advancement.


That was back in March, I assume they have been sending out sanctions since the update.

I can’t tell you for sure about the message though, perhaps someone who has been banned one way or another or knows someone can chime in about getting a message. Seems reasonable though that if you got banned you would have some kind of prompt message when trying to log in.

Sorry to put you on the spot but @Lucky14 didn’t you have an account that got reset or something? Correct me if i’m wrong, i thought i remember you posting something about it. Did you get any type of message when trying to log in or was it sent some other way?


18906 days ? That’s a little concerning and weird or am I just seeing it the wrong way ? Looks like a photoshop to me, or is it ?

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Some sites/games do it in that format. Just depends on how it’s coded.

IMO these bans have always existed. It’s just not a lot of cheater ls advertise these bans.

Most likely this person is a cheater who finally got caught.


@SmilodonTroodon @OstaposaurusBae

Thanks for comment. Regarding the days, it seems normal, comparing it with another platform (xbox 360) you received a ban message until the year 2099 or similar. In that case, if there were 2 or 3 waves of massive ban in 3 different years.

I was curious to know if something like this could be seen in this game. On the other hand, I wonder, what will define that some are banned and others not having so many users who cheat?


Personally, it seems photoshopped to me because according to me, that is not the jwtg font


Hi, While I won’t comment on the image. I will add since the announcement, we routinely identify, investigate and ban cheaters.


Noted with thanks @Keith , thanks so much for the info !

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It is good to know that, I understand that you do not comment more, but I really appreciate the answer.


Yes I was a cheater. When Ludia released cheater protocol they gave a deadline which, cheaters could report their account by yourself and get a second chance to play. During that procces i dont have any special message and I still was able to play on that account, until it wasnt released, then, the game starts normally from beginning, with different support key, which means, my cheated account was simply just deleted.