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Have these attacks ever existed? if so, why were they removed?

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They exist in the files, but they’ve not been added to any creature as of yet.

There are actually a lot of old and thus far unused moves that are known to exist, I think they are just waiting for the right creature to add them to


“Speed ​​Increase Impact?” (I think Stegotops had this movement).

The second I never saw. It is probably a “Heal Strike” (it wouldn’t be bad if it existed).

Is the third movement an “Adrenaline?” (increased HP and Damage. Gorgosuchus had this move. I would love for Grypolyth to have something like that).

I’m sorry for any mistakes. These movements are very old …

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There was once an “Ambush Pounce” that never got added. Perhaps it was the early form of swap-in moves?

The third would be a “ready to crush” barionix + cure


The first one is velocity strike, but it’s not been added. It is 1X, +50% speed 2 turns. Like an opposite Slowing move

There’s also a velocity impact somewhere

Don’t know the details of the other two

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Never heard of this attack

In the images of the game in the play store, it shows a pterosaurs and a carnotaurus fighting and shows this attack, not to mention that there was an event in the game that appeared the symbol of that attack

Interesting. I wouldn’t mind a carno that could actually be fast lol

Yeah kkkkkkkkkkkk (10 Characters)

1st is Velocity Impact, Stegoceratops once had it
2nd idk. Looks like healing strike or something. Imteresting, never saw this one before
3rd is Adrenaline Surge. Postimetrodon had it. It healed 25% and increased dmg by 25%. Stacked with Ferocity Strike, I used Postimetro when this move was still a thing


adrenaline surge was great. miss that move.

Oh yeah. Totally forgot it’s been so long for the other two.

Really don’t like they removed Adrenaline Surge. That was what always helped my posti beat gorgosuchus’s in badlands and lockdown many moons ago

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It would be nice if you added the “healing attack” in the procerathomimus