Have they changed drops from arena incubators?


Some time ago, you got almost only exclusive dino from 3h and 8h incubators. I was so sick of baryonix gen2 that I went down to 5th arena to get good irritator. But the latest few days I get random any rare dino listed in arena incubators.

Have you noticed the same?


I often got random things like Dimetrodon, Triceratops, Amarga or whatever … I would wish for more exclusives …


The incubators will drop dinos from all arenas that you have unlocked, the higher in the arenas you go, the more DNA you will receive.

So nothing has been changed :slight_smile:


I know that you always could get all dinos from arena list. But it used to be so that from 9/10 you received exclusive dino from the incubator’s arena level. And only 1/10 was different.

Now it seems to be more variable.


Was only like 60% exclusives and 40% others for me all the time.