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Have to start over again


I opened the game today to collect the Monday bonus gift. However, once I clicked on it, it restarted the game and started like I never played it before. I have lost everything that I had and don’t know what to do


Hey Stephen_Munday, If your game was connected to a Facebook or Google Play store account, check and see if you’ve been disconnected from those accounts on your device. Connect back to the correct account, and relaunch the game.

If you still can’t get back on your original game data, contact our support team here at with your old and new support key.


Contact Ludia with your Support Code.


Where do I find the support code?


You can find your support key at the bottom of the loading screen and in the game from the bottom left corner of the Settings menu.


My wife is having the same issue. Where would you get the old support key from??


When you launch the game(when you see the TRex, very first screen when it’s loading) look at the bottom of the screen, it’s there


Yes…we have the "new"support key. Previous message states email with old and new support key.


This also happened to me 6 days ago. The facebook account was also overwritten. I’ve been trying to get through in the “help/support” feature within the app but no success. I’ve sent my new and old support keys to that e-mail address… hopefully someone can help. thx


Sadly, you can only find your old support key on your previous game account, but our support team might be able to find your wife in their system if she contacted them with the gamertag from her old account and her new support key.


Hey blu3, I’m sorry to hear that happened. It might take some time for our support team to get back to you because they’re receiving an influx of tickets, but they’ll try their best to respond to you soon.