Have trophies ever mattered? And should we care?

I was just thinking about something today, and that is the whole trophy number thing, and started to think of what it is actually the benefit of having a higher number.

Tell me this, apart from seeing different dinosaurs, what does being 6000 rated have different to being 2000 rated? Like I mean what in game advantages are there?

Example Player One
Rating = 6600

Example Player Two
Rating = 3300

Player One faces most likely: Thor, Magna, Erldom, Tryko, Rat and a half dozen others, basically the Meta dinosaurs.

Player Two faces most likely: Anything really.

Pro’s of higher rating -

  1. Bit more recognition from those who care about trophies and ranks
  2. Slightly more DNA in incubators

Con’s of higher rating -

  1. Tougher opponents
  2. Less variety of dinosaurs as nearly everyone wants the same “Meta” dinosaurs
  3. Not really much in terms of progression as there is only so high you can go. And say you manage to make it to the number #1 spot, then the only place you can go is down!
  4. Costs more to keep you team viable, in terms of coin spending on level ups and buying boosts

Pro’s of lower rating -

  1. Easier matches as the other players are still learning the ropes and dinosaurs abilities
  2. More variety in the sheer number of different dinosaurs they see
  3. Heaps of room for potential growth in terms of game progression
  4. More time to play each match as the dinosaurs in that bracket probably aren’t one shooting each other, bringing quick ends to matches
  5. Cheaper to level up your team and keep it viable in that bracket.

Con’s of lower rating -

  1. Less DNA from each incubator
  2. Longer matches as dinosaurs are unlikely to be one shooting each other like uniques tend to do.
    (Note: This can also be a Pro if you are battling for the sake of battling and fun!)
  3. Less arena designs you have access to, though when you are high rated you are generally in one of at most 2 arena’s anyway so this can swing both ways.

So lets say someone just likes battling for fun, doesn’t really care too much about trophies as after all they are only a number, so what really is the lower rated playing missing out on due to being lower? not much really!

I mean I would say a top 10 rated player actually gets more con’s then they get pro’s then compared to a low rated player.

Does a top 500 player get access to any new game features? Nope (unless you count a different arena but then ur stuck in it anyway)

So we should all ask ourselves this, is being highly rated benefit us? or is it a hindrance?


Advantage of being on the leaderboard: sense of accomplishment/bragging rights. Other than that nothing that anyone else in the Aviary doesn’t get.

I won’t lie, it was a goal for me and I reached it sometimes… before 1.7 dropped me down hundreds of trophies and the new mm algo put it out of reach. But would I rather have half as many trophies? No, I put too much time and effort into this game for that.

I wonder what would happen if Ludia got rid of the leaderboard (except for the short tournaments we’ve had that are accessible to most players at all trophy levels)? Would anyone care about their trophy levels then?

Maybe that’s the solution - stop stressing over trophies, no one will ever know if you’re number 1, 10, 500 or 5,000 (aka “unranked” - or invisible/unimportant).


Only in Lockwood and Aviary you get maximum amount of boosts (4 of each) from daily incubator.


Good points, and I think one of the reasons Ludia loves the trophy system is that it gives players something to strive too, as everyone wants their dinosaurs JUST that bit stronger, so they can JUST get a bit higher rated…so they spend money on coins, and boosts and incubators :wink:

I mean if there was no leaderboard, would anyone really ever spend money on coins and such? there would be no point in rushing to the next dinosaur level.

For these above reasons im probably going to swap out the dinosaurs on my team that I only use but don’t actually like, such as rat, and just create a team of dinosaurs like. Then ill go into the arena and just play until I find my new trophy count where im winning and losing about 50%.

It will take a lot of loses as im brought down to my “fun” teams rightful place/arena, but in the end it will be worth it.

Remember this type of game is about the journey, not the destination! Because the goalposts will always be put further away each patch, so if you aren’t enjoying the ride, there is no point in playing.

Btw I LOVE doing strike towers!

Edit: @Dinotris yes you are right about that boost +4 thing, that is one benefit but is it really worth it to lose all the dinosaur variety and enter the rat infested one shot Thor fest?

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@Stiffeno I wonder how far down you need to go to be able to play dinos you like without boosts. Eventually everywhere will be boosted teams. Many players boosted their dinos for last tournament.

Arena need fixing that’s right. Doubt that any changes will bring more variety in dinos used in top arenas. People like to use best dinos, not finding niches for some underused dinos.
Unless they buff 40-50% of dinos, I don’t see real meta changes at top arenas.

For current situation with boosts, would be easiest solution to double all dinos base hp. Then buff slightly just those with lowest attacks.

Yeah the whole using top tier Meta dinosaurs is pretty well ingrained into the player base, though I have seen some interesting team, like ones with heaps of the various swap in types, coupled with hit and run dinosaurs.

As for how far down in rating that im not too sure about, but if you are having fun I don’t think that really comes into the equation, as you would only consider such a thing if you prefer fun over rating anyway.

Would like to test out the legendary FishFrog Skoola, as I have literally never faced one, dispite it being low Apex tier, which is by no means bad. I think it looks sick as I love Geckos and other “FishFrog” looking things lol, and an extra null never hurts.
Also Spinonyx has a really nice moveset and model, but due to lack of Bary DNA and it having an awesome unique, I wouldn’t over level it, even if I had the DNA.

Also Ardonto aka Sock Puppet (lol) has nice moveset, but I never see Second in the wild so couldn’t really level the thing =/.

This has caused many an argument with my peers in Savannah.
Prior to 1.7, I would not go farther up than 4500 trophies if there wasn’t a tournament going on.
It didn’t matter if you were in the top 10 or the bottom of Aviary.
The rewards were the same.
Purposely battling tougher opponents when you don’t need to seemed counter productive and detrimental over a long time line.
I look at everything mathematically, my peers think they are Sun Tzu and that there is far greater depth to the game then there actually is.
It all comes down to mindset.
I can’t really say either train of thought is “Wrong”, but boy do people get heated over the mathematical point of view. LOL

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This is the ONLY reason anyone should want to be in aviary. Other than boosts and a slight increase in incubator dna, aviary is pointless

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Thats exactly right! Its all mind set!

When I cared about rating, prior to boosts removing balance and therefore the need for strategy, I was finding myself frustrated all the time as no matter how much I levelled or boosted or upgraded my team, I would always come to a point where I was losing anyway, due to tougher opponents…then I chose to just straight up forget about trophies, and found arena more tolerable as when I lost, I didnt see it as losing progress towards the top anymore!
And when I levelled up my Indo and Noodle to 27, and Thor to 26 and got massively tougher enemy dinosaurs, I though…hang on, improving your team is supposed to better your chances of winning right? because a stronger dinosaur is better right? but with the matchmaking giving me much high enemy dinosaurs, levelling my team actually LOWERED my chances of winning.

Which is why Im going to pick out some dinosaurs that I like - but at the same time aren’t totally trash LOL - and then just…PLAY! Win lose or draw and just try and have fun! I mean if I lose a ton of matches at first who cares? eventually I shall reach a point where im winning as much as im losing and even out. Sure it may be in a lower arena with slightly less DNA, but as I pointed out, levelling the team made things HARDER lol, so that less DNA I shall be getting isn’t sounding so bad anymore!

All that being said, I would love to, and always wanted to break into the top 500, even if just for a day, just to be able to say I did it…but in the end, even if I got good enough to reach Rank #1 (Which I won’t, I need to be realistic here), at the end of the day, so what? So im ranked 1st…hmm ok, so it gives me some satisfaction for a while till a better player comes along and then the only place to go is down.
And as for the recognition of being in top players, do we REALLY care about impressing random players on the internet?

Remember, the ONLY persons who’s opinion should matter to YOU, is your OWN!


True dat. You should see all the people boosting crap irrelevant dinos down in ruins/marsh and lower. We got some real geniuses playing this game for sure, lmao.

I guess people don’t have much patience and want to use their boosts, right now regardless if they have a dino worth using them on or not?


My stepson at level 9 and around 1300 trophies has been facing boosted dinos. He asked what dinos he should boost when he hits level 10. I told him only utahsino if he gets it unlocked, otherwise none. They sure do get anxious.


Yeah Utahsino is actually a good choice for boosting at early stages. Good advice there imo.


Some may have used them for the tournament.
Although unwise, I can see why they did it.
Other than speed, I’m already in “bank mode”.
Until my peers begin going T7+ across the board I don’t see it as a wise investment.
Currently anyway.

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But in what way is them boosting a dinosaur they probably like and having fun with, a bad idea?

Because its not a unique? so? what if they just battle to battle! If they don’t care about rating and min maxing or reaching higher trophy count, I think what they are doing is actually a good idea.

I don’t care if someone is rated #1 on the planet, if they are using dinosaurs they don’t like, or are treating the game like a full time job getting no joy from it, then that doesn’t sound like a very FUN thing to do in a game?

Id take a rating of 76 and having fun, then a rating a #1 in the world and being frustrated and getting no entertainment.

That being said, if part of the fun for a player IS the competitive aspect, then that in my books is excellent! Different players have different priorities and sense of fun.


Because they aren’t near endgame yet, and they are going to severely hurt themselfs by wasting all their boosts.

I dont see anything wrong with boosting your fave dino, regardless of level, but people are boosting their whole team down in marsh and even lower, hybrid ingredients and all. They are gonna regret that bigtime when they level up/rank up.

Edit - but i suppose by then we may have a way to unboost dinos, so who knows. Maybe they are the smart ones. :sunglasses:

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Nailed it!
Wife just wants to battle and doesn’t want to do the boring hunting stuff.
Hunting and min maxing is my thing.
This game appeals to many different types of people.


While what you say is true and some of them may not have any ambition for high rating, plus what is end game in a game where new dinosaurs are always being added and changed and nerfed, the end “goal” is always being moved further away, which is why I no longer chase it.

When I told players in my old alliance of my plans to boost Noodle (my Nodopatotitan) because brachiosaurus is one of my all time favourite dinosaurs, many thought it was a really bad idea because its not unique or apex or tyrant tier, but I went a head anyway and am having a total blast using it!
I find it fun, like the model, its a tank (Make tanks great again!) and can hard counter some of the strongest dinosaurs in the game, namely Erlidom and Utahsino which I face ALL the time.
At current boosts level Noodle has bout 7000hp, and getting close to 1300 damage, 40% armour, 3 slows - including a priority shield + slow - and can take a BEATING if they don’t draw their tank buster and has counter attack slowly chipping away at all their dinosaurs!
I have had players throw 75% of their team in a mad craze to try and drop it when they don’t get their Thor. Its hilariously fun to see lol.

You know Noodle consistently survives taking cloak booted Erlidom and Indom rampage and APR CRITs even with her shield down? outside of dodging or invincibility shield, hits like that meant a dead Dino in the past.
Had my Thor out the other day, player brings out Indom and cloaks, Thor impact is dodged so I switch in Noodle to save Thor, APR cries smashing Noodle…the thing is…SHE LIVED!
She even stalled a Thor long enough for it to waste its IC on Noodle and then left itself as a setup for my Erlidom.

She is an absolute blast to use! Fun as hell! I cant even imagine what went threw the mind of the Indom player when its biggest hit wasn’t enough…lol, id have been like “Umm…what?”

Now just imagine ALL the other hidden gems in the game waiting to be boosted and find a place on teams! Its what boosts should have been designed to do!


Domino effect using boosts from the start. If one player does it and wins the battle the loser of that battle is going to want to get an advantage for the next.


Yeah, its like I said, by the time they start getting good uniques, they will prolly have the option to un-boost and re-boost by then. :slight_smile:

If not, I bet most will be quitting over their bad choices.


Oh don’t worry soon as Ludia finds a way to charge for removing or boost reallocations they will add them in a patch lol.

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