Have we believed the Indominus Rex hype?

It’s big, it’s bad, it hit’s hard and it vanishes before your very eyes. Indominus Rex. What’s not to love?

It’s been on my mind for a while now, granted I’ve never liked the Indominus Rex from the film because it wasn’t even a dinosaur it was an abomination, a monster, and I’ve always loved and been fascinated by real actual dinosaurs. Although I’ve never used it in my team in JWA (even tho it’s regrettably L18) and never will, I’ve been wondering if we’ve all been falling for the hype about this large but ever so unreliable hybrid.

Have you been going all out collecting v.raptors and T-Rexes DNA, spending all your hard earned (or bought) coins levelling all 3 of them them up to a competitive level?

Because If you haven’t I would like to caution you not to bother and save yourself the effort and coins to build a much more solid and balanced team. I-Rex really isn’t actually a very good dinosaur at all and will probably lose you as many battles as you win due to it’s RNG based cloaking move. If you want to throw any skill out of the window and believe the hype go for it (and while you’re at it go for the equally unreliable but slightly less pants Indoraptor). But it concerns me how many people are automatically blindly wasting so much dna/coin on this getting this hybrid when a whole team can suffer because of it - having a strong I-Rex won’t save you either because you’re betting on a 50/50 horse. My advice would be to invest your efforts in levelling up more reliable and strategic creatures for a winning balanced team and not try and rely upon one or two creatures to carry you. Take it or leave it.

Irex and Indo are great. The hype is real.

Just my opinion.


It’s a trap!

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As many people have written before me, irex and indo are great dinosaurs IF you know how to use them. Also, if next meta is actually about bleeders, irex will be even more valuable…


You just need to know how to use it correctly. And forgetting IRex: Indoraptor is really good, even (or especially when) you don’t use evasive.


Odd wise it can be 50/50 in some well played situations where almost any other dino offers a zero percent chance of victory.


the dude doesnt even use him and is trying to advise ppl not to with no experience what so ever… used correctly, irex can be a great help to your team. the only reason i took mine off of my team was because i created alot more choices to use but i still think of putting him back on my team. maybe when my indo is higher level ill work more with him. great dino is use correctly. problem is ppl always use it just for the cloak and that will lose you more fights then win.


The trap is to believe cloak is the only move of indominus. In fact he’s a reliable immune piercing armor hitter with a huge life pool. I tend to not use RNG skill unless forced or whenever the probability outcome is better with it.

I’m still amused with posts telling black and white without knowing whats going on


yes, if the next meta is truly bleeders and ppl deploy them more then ill definately think about adding irex back on.

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This is the real problem lies. It is not as easy as it sounds.

Irex is amazing! Even better in some cases than indo.
Both are essential staples to getting succesfully to the very end game as rank 1 through 50 are.

Irex is a beast and the problem is players stop at level 20 but at level 23 to 24 Irex can serve a dish of 3600 damage in 2 moves and thats before his 20% critical or cloak! (It has even forced stegodeous to sheild) And cloak can be valuable too when used right and finally as a last ditch attempt yo survive and pinch another kill.

Again indo is fast and if used right can take down 1.5 dinos. With 20% critical and evasive aswell as cleanse you can have a good game. If he has a bad day or you do yeah he gets stomped but thats the same of any dino. My allo 22 has 1 shot many dinos on first move and other times hes been destroyed. I think only stegodeous has a good run throughout the game. Ive even beaten high level uniques because of how ludia has nerfed them so you know :grin:

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Only if you are foolish enough to rely on the cloak to win you battles. It’s a solid member of my team and I use the cloak ability for the damage increase rather than damage negation.

If you’re relying on RNG to win battles, you’re not fighting properly.


I-rex is even better than Erlidominus in some points…

Immune, best hp in dodge dinos, bypass armor, and that 4x cloak-rampage could almost kill any not shield tanker dinos…
Yes, cloak is unstable, but it is still deserve to be apex tier. Don’t criticize some dino only because you don’t like it and don’t even know how to use it.


I know what you meant, sometimes my indominus was beaten without deal any damage, but she is amazing in her own way

Indeed,Cloak-Rampage is easily counterable nowadays she still has high pool of HP and immunity which still usefully at dealing flexible damage.

Mine is L26 and I’m happy with that :wink:

Don’t use Cloak.
IRex is immune. That point alone is a big plus.

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Lol, who is the sad little sheep that flagged the OP as offensive? Have you nothing better to do?

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I Rex is cool not just because of the cloak which I only use as a last resort but the fact she hits like a truck and immunity so even if you don’t kill the opponent you leave them crippled ready for your next Dino to finish them off

It’s damage goes to 1270 update 1.5

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Ornithomimus goes up to 1400 atk in 1.5 and also has immunity and dodge and is fast as hell. I am seriously thinking of replacing Indom with Ornitho if I can level it up…dang coin problems…sigh

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indom gets a damage buff