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Have yall seen this.?

Disclaimer: Not JWA Related

Since quarantine started, everyone has been binge watching a variety of movies and tv shows. And just to stray away from all the negativity that both our current circumstances and the game has brought, I decided to talk to yall about it. Just recently I just watched Cloverfield, the very 1st movie in the Cloververse. Spoilers I liked it to the extent that its a very creatively made movie. Some could argue that just having the normal Omniscient perspective would have made it better, but for me, it worked to the movie’s favor of building suspense. Normally in movies, they find the problem, find its orgin, find a solution, and sometimes they solve the problem. But, instead, they did the opposite for this movie. Through the cinematography, it built suspense because it was like your being immersed to that situation. You didnt know anything about the creature, where it came from, or heck even what it is. Anyway enough about my review what did yall think about this movie? Also, this thread could be like a place to talk about movies. Not sure if it should be a series but, I will definitely update this thread. And no worries of course Im also going to rewatch the whole JP and JW franchise.

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I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s probably going to be on my watchlist after I finish Naruto Shippuden. I’ve seen YouTube videos about all the ARGs (alternate reality games, in case anyone happens to not know what that means) involved with the series (the Youtuber is called Inside A Mind, and I think he really did an excellent job covering the ARGs for both this series as well as many others). I’ve seen clips, and it looks interesting! I’d have to actually watch it to see if I like it or not, as I kind of have specific tastes when it comes to horror. lol

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