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Have you done Mortem today? Check what amount of DNA you could have received if it was before the update

If my calculations are not wrong, these are some “before and after” for the new Mortem DNA amounts:
10 is the new 15,
The 50 is now 19,
60 is now 20
90 is now 23
100 now is 24
110 is the 25 and
160 is now 30…
Did you get 25 today? Maybe 20? If we had that luck before the update it would have been really nice :grimacing::grimacing:



characters characters etc.

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I got 25. 75 total. While I like the update in dna I dont like how some people are 100 dna ahead of me


My thoughts exactly


I got 30 last time and 20 this time. All I got before the update was 10 :frowning:


Well that’s unfortunate. @Isaah_Wii, myself, and some others all got 20 from our raid today.


I got 20 (60 before they change it ), damn lydia damn

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Last week and this week would have put me at 170 dna under the old scoring. Oh well, not really counting on getting Mort soon so I won’t lose sleep over this one.

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I said that I’d regret it if I clicked on this thread. I still clicked. Why do I hate myself? (I got 20)

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I would have been at 230 with the old system now I’m stuck at 70 while others who already got their high numbers are in the 200s. Ludia this is unfair!

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I would be at 170…



I would be at 160…bad feelings

And you’ve finished a few more than I have…
So maybe tightening RNG was the right call, but it should have been 25-50, not 15-30.

With the change, Ludia mentioned that the average DNA awarded has not changed. Which would mean that the odds of getting 20 or 30 DNA needs to be drastically higher than the previous odds of getting 50/60/100 and so on.
Whether or not that is actually the case, I don’t know. I’m sure someone could datamine it. But assuming that a 20 in the current version equals a 60 in the previous version is not the correct way of going about it.
Anecdotally, I’ve spoken to way more people who’ve gotten 20 and 30 this week than had gotten anything higher than 10 previously


I still find this really unfair with some players unlocking it already or to unlock it soon

Just for you guys to know, if it was still the old DNA cap i would have received 170 DNA in the last 2 weeks…

It is unfair, but it is not a new concept in this game. It took me 18 hybridizations to unlock thorodalosaurus for example and somebody else unlocked it in 5 or 6. So, it has always been like that.

Got a 30. By these numbers, I would be at 310. Full-unlock after 3 wins? Not cool either way. That was the problem…

The people that unlocked it would be minuscule anyway. I think we need to move on from the fact a few people will have unlocked it.

I don’t think these calculations are correct.

Ludia said that the “average dna given out” would remain the same. Meaning there are more 20/25/30 given out now than there was 50/60/110’s given out.

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