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Have you ever seen such ridiculous matchmaking? 32 level total difference

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Huh. If Raika’s death ward hadn’t triggered, I would have won.

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You’re one of the more constructive contributing players here in the forum, so I’m curious, at what point do you feel that your arena rank/score should come into play since you’re way too high up the ladder? You’d have to be matched with that high of opponent.

Regardless I hope I never face you in arena… your skill is fierce. Great work.

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That’s What I’m Talking About!!! :muscle::sunglasses::grin:, Makes You Feel Really Good, Even If You Don’t Win!!! Wonder What That Other Person Is Feeling When There Uppdee Class Crew, Is Getting It Handed To Em From Such A Lower Lev Player, Bet They Didn’t Expect That!!! Bet He Was Getting Real Worried!!! LoL​:blue_heart::sparkling_heart::blush::sunglasses:

At some point trophy count doesn’t really matter anymore, as bots are almost the only thing encountered. And these bots can have lvl outliers, as shown in his pic or this one below…

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Is That A Bot? TrickyWhelp?

There’s really two matchmaking algorithms at play:

  1. The game will prioritize matching against human players within a similar trophy count as you, who has also queued into arena at a similar time as you. You can usually tell if you’re playing a human by their battle name and the queue times (if it says “opponent found” for a few seconds instead of flashing that text and instantly starting battle, and also the waiting for opponent to get ready. The game needs to complete handshaking between the two clients.)
  2. If no humans are available, the game will generate a bot based on your recent win/loss streak (vs both human and bot). The more you win in a row, the higher levels your AI opponents will be. Once you lose you reset to your “base difficulty” match. This is why players say you win 3 lose 1 etc when you get high enough levels. This also explains why you’ll get screenshots with complaints about how the matchmaking algorithm sucks, matching people against bots with way higher levels. Conversely if you go on a losing streak, the bots get easier.

I’m not overly concerned about how matchmaking should work, so long as the algorithm lets me progress through arena rewards in a timely fashion.

I’ve been trying to figure out what determines the base difficulty of the bots for a while now. But I lack data. I suspect it’s a combination of Renown, Roster level and possibly gear.

What is your renown and the base level of bots you are facing?

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To provide you with data:
Renown: 14
Roster level: all are 11
Trophy count: 2800
Most enemy bots: total of around 47-48 (all heroes lvl 12)

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I do tend to notice that if my win streak goes up, they throw harder and harder AI pairings at me.

Some people like a challenge rather than same old equal level opponents all the time, I guess.

My renown is 12, roster is 11, 10, and 9.
I usually face straight L11 bots, but all with legendary gear.

Makes sense that it scales with a winning/losing streak.

You don’t think they weigh the gear and levels of gear as well?

The only thing that is a curveball is, Bot will be straight L11s, and I have an L10, L9 amongst my L11s.

Let me know if you need more info, happy to provide.

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Based off the numbers you guys have given me, I really do think it scales with gear more than renown.

I’ve been keeping my renown (11) and level artificially low, and I have level 12 opposition across the board.

Since you guys are higher renown, I think the variable that accounts for the difference in levels is indeed gear.

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I feel like going up it is totally random, but if you lose a match it throws you a hard team the next three to five matches. Win 2-4 matches then lose 4 matches.

I think equipment is the most important thing. How else do you explain your best characters getting selected less than your worse characters with the opposing team is all at the same level as your highest level character?

Bot teams generally seem easier to me. They don’t seem to have health or AC where they should be as attacks against the whole team will often take off a third or more of their health.

Lídia please put a skip turn button in, or at least quit penalizing us beyond losing a round for not having one. If I have to sit there for ten seconds doing nothing because a character can’t move or attack, it is unfair for my next turn to only have a five second timer. You darn well know the reason I didn’t do anything was because I couldn’t do anything not that I did nothing because I dropped.

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I want to know how you managed to beat a team that much higher than you in level. My characters are all 11 and 12 and if I’m facing a team that is 12- 13 or 14 , I tend get nice ass whooping unless I get lucky on initiative and Calliope can dominate or Shee can lock them down a turn .


Again with the silly match ups. This is soooo ridiculous! AI matchmaking is soooo unfair:

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No, nevermind. Got 'em.

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I think it’s gear too,

My toons are levels 11-12 (1 at 13) renown level 14, level 7 arena about 2500 trophies and other than calliope no legendary weapons and not all that many other legendaries.

Only once have I seen characters in the opposition at higher level than me and it was only a single character in their team that was 1 level higher than my current highest (at the time I was 11-12 and they had one character at level 13).

I’ve never seen absurdly lower either …

Rets looking at the health bars on your toons it’s clear that they have very good gear. Mine have far less health at levels 11-12 (and compare the health on your level 10 wizard to their level 17 wizard for example) . Hence the match up doesn’t seem that absurd to me - level is pretty meaningless anyway - the passive stats don’t change all that much per level

In fact I’d say that in the top image it has done a pretty good job at the match up. Look at your archer - as much health as their taunt! (This is on the assumption that your other gear is as good as that which mainly lends itself to health)

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