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Have you faced Smilonemys in PvP battle?

Faced this in Lockwood Library. Got destroyed as expected. Kudos to the guy who created and leveled up to 26 + boosts. Seems unreal though!

We’re expected to take it at face value that ANYONE has found enough Carbos to get it even close to 20 not to mention the required DNA per fuse on the hybrid? There is honestly no way this is legitimate


Yes, I know… Didn’t want to complain. Had a fun battle though went on for multiple turns with my Tryko …

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Didnt someone post about the stats being wrong and it showed that they had a lv 25 one? That post dissapeared tho. I can see someone having 22-23 with great luck on fusing , but 26 is kinda fishy. Kudos if its legit, but the skepticism will always be there.


So that’s two in two days. How much you wanna bet this account is less than 6 months old but somehow has this team?


And, the “Other” one that got taken down, was a non-VIP account. I saw the screen shot. That is a lot of non-VIP shooting at close range.

For the level 25, I estimate would be about 12,750 Turtle DNA.

At 200 DNA per encounter that is: 64 Turtles Darted.

At 150 DNA per encounter: 85 Turtles darted.


I’ve only faced a bot, but it got obliterated.

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That has to be a spoofer. I don’t believe that someone has it level 26 already.


Faced one twice in the Arena. Don’t remember much other than they beat me with it

Keep screen shots, report them. It’s the only way.

EDIT: I’d suggest some of the more active/dedicated players keep tabs on what a “realistic” level is, so we have a basis before we start saying each and every Smily is a spoofer. @MNBrian or @Idgt902 or @practicekat perhaps?

In all of it’s spoofed glory.

Can’t imagine a person aimlessly spoffing around all the parks to find a Turtle… :wink:

My turtle just turned 16 :joy:. None of our alliance has one higher then 18. But I’ve only seen two. The rest of the DNA is from FIT’ing. Some ppl must have all the luck​:sweat_smile:


That sounds about right. Mine just turned 17. I drove parks the first week and weekend, found one a day, a few days two. This week, none anywhere. It is like they disappeared from the parks spawn pool for me. The rest of my DNA are all FIP. Our alliance has been pounding on Turtle, we have a15, couple 14 and lower, mostly from FIP.


almost 17. finally found my third yesterday.

you guys going straight for nemys? i think carboceratops will get a unique in 1.20

My plan was to head for 20, for the extra SP, then just stockpile DNA. Have not given any thought as to which to create yet. Either one is a looooong way off.

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Is the turtle DNA in epic incubators? The person could’ve brought a crap ton of epic incubators for it.

The turtle isn’t in incubators yet. only way to get it is park spawn and sanctuary.

I havent even found 1 turtle yet :joy: