Have you guys ever want the creatures in this game as little statues

I would love to have a statue of erlikospyx that I could put on my desk when I work.

Have you guys ever want to have a statue of the Hybrids in the game?


I know that GB has a thoradolosaur statue and I think Poke Fodder has one of magnapyrritor.
I don’t know if Ludia sells them though. As far as I’m aware GB’s statue was a gift.


If I could, I would love to have a little erlidominus

I wanna Rinchicyon statue

The Gaming Beaver has a Thor iirc but that wasn’t a teaser for a toy line it was just a gift

I would love to see a statue of Erlikogamma (The first hybrid epic I’ve gotten and I love it for some reason), and something specific with a pose like the animation when switching into battle.


I’d love to see Dio and Tryko minis.

I’d love statues of my team members :slight_smile:


The most likely are Trophy Statues in game and u get them by achievements or something

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Imperatosuchus statue

Here is the ones that I want by rarity.

Common - Lythronax

Rare non hybrid - Kaprosuchus

Rare hybrid - Purrolyth

Epic non hybrid - Ailurarctos

Epic hybrid - Dimodactylus

Epic super hybrid - Majundaboa

Legendary non hybrid - Parasaurolophus Lux

Legendary hybrid - Alankylosaurus

Legendary super hybrid - Ovilophomoloch

Unique super hybrids - Albertocevia, Ardontognathus, Erlikospyx, Phorurex

Unigue mega hybrids - Albertospinos and Troodoboa

Apex non hybrid - Refrenantem

Apex mega hybrid - Ankylos Lux

For the creatures that glow in the game they could do what glow in the dark toys do for them

Every single apex glows, so take your pick lol

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Kind of unique but, some kind of dino stomping on dracorex’s tail (so he cant swap out) and roaring

It would be great to spend some real money on something that you can actually hold and see relating to this game. I would certainly spend on building a collection like my wife does on Pokémon figures.

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@neodejavu has created many brilliant JWA sculptures! DrNizamArtStudio - JWA Sculpture/ beyond AR

I’m actually pleased there are no mass-produced plastic figures – I’d rather people make or commission art.

I would buy magna, erlidom and geminideus (if it ever comes to the game)

I was expecting this to be so hard but I’d probably want paramoloch. I don’t know what it is about that guy but I love the little guy