Have you noticed the downgrade in creatures lately?

I have noticed a few things that haven’t been happening before.

  1. Creature Thumbnail Pictures
    There have been less variety in creature’s thumbnails lately (IndoT, Thylaconyx, Ardontognathus, and Troodoboa, to name a few).

  2. Swap-In Animations
    Creatures with swap-in abilities have the same animation as regular introduction, just at a different angle. Examples: Albertospinos, Rexy, Fukuimimus, Ankylos Lux, etc.)

  3. Move Animations
    Every time a new creature is introduced, their move animations are always incorrect. Specifically Fierce Devouring Rampage. Rexy doesn’t have the proper animation, and neither does Giganyx. Not to mention Thyloconyx’s counter…


I was really excited to see a spinosaur model swap in with a new animation. But when i unlocked Albertospinos (One of my favorite creatures besides Spinoconstrictor) and swapped him in, my reaction went from happiness to questioning.

There’s also the matter of inconsistencies being ramped up with the creatures; A “pure” Fierce creature being able to reduce damage or reduce speed.

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Names are also a factor. What the heck is Precise revenge. Precise revenge what? Strike? Cookies? Rampage? I need answers people


cookies sound real good rn lol

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Creatures and creature changes both, not really design wise but more concept wise. Like for example in patch 1.3 you can see a clear reason for why some sauropods got lockdown strike or how a bunch of dinos got nullifying to help deal with dodge, but unfortunately changes that make sense just don’t seem to happen anymore