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Have You Seen HTTYD: The Hidden World?

Hello Vikings!

This Tuesday we were very lucky to have our own private screening of HTTYD: The Hidden World. Let me say… I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE MOVIE! Not going to lie, I got a little emotional :blush:.

For those who saw the movie, without sharing any spoilers, did you enjoy it?

  • Yes :grin:
  • No :neutral_face:
  • Planning to!

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Here’s a picture of us at the movie theatre! :movie_camera: :popcorn:


Only a little? Hehe (I may or may not still be emotionally broken by it)

Haha! Okay, maybe more than a little :laughing:

I wish the movie was longer though!

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I really want to see this!!! I’m a month late… but I can’t wait!!

Me too. There were a few things I wish they had added with the side characters.