Have you taken boosts off anything since the shuffle?

Just curious if you have taken the L’s for the refunds on any since our last shake up.

I might for Dio. Though that’s a long time coming.

You’re going to take them off of Dio or off for Dio?

Off of Dio. Got a couple speed boost I’m gonna remove some time

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Only for fine tuning.
I never ever strip a dino.
If it gets nerfed, it gets retired with boosts till the next reset.


Didn’t want to, but had to… I was desperately in need of more speed. But I only did it because I already have enough to fully boost the whole team

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Shoot I was going to say, Dio is one of my favorite creatures to play. But I never speed boosted it.

Nope,i will never do that.
The upcoming boosts will be allocate for futur epic hybrid tourney/fun ,i split them by 2.

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I’m revamping my PVP team rn and I have a Geminititan at lvl 21 with 6 health boosts that is behind the rest of my team all about level 24-25. Debating taking them off because I just don’t have the will to grind diplodocus and keep going.

See I really only care about my PVP team. They are kind of like my Pokémon squad, if you will. I want to replace two of them but I fear a reset coming and don’t want to kick myself for all that work, but at the same time it’s no fun playing the boosted creatures I don’t want anymore.

Out of curiosity,what is your current team and what do you want to get?

You know,getting a refund of half a value is literally a huge loss.
50 boosts points is basically 1000 H.C.
Even if i had to wait a year,i prefer to do so.

And if you play a lot,i did the calculation,you earn at max 120 boost points of ATK/HP/SPD every weeks.
If you take atk for example: 7 days* (6(green incubator+4(daily mission))+25(Tower strike)=95 + All the boosts in incubators which are random.
I don’t count the monthly tournament where you can earn boosts.
By using patience,you can earn fast enough your boosts,in less than 2 month,you could do a 10HP/10atk/10spd.

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Nope, despite any nerfs my creatures get I’ll just wait for the next boost shuffle

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I might do it in the future but until now I haven’t taken off any boosts.

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i haven’t even boosted my arena team yet because i’m an indecisive mess. too many builds i wanna try for the fun of it that wouldn’t be optimal to do so and refund anything. but i wouldn’t take off any boosts for 50% refund at this time. the cost is just too steep.


Currently of my 8 I am keeping 6

Lvl 25 Tryko
Lvl 24 Dio
Lvl 25 Magna
Lvl 24 Erlidom
Lvl 23 Grypo
Lvl 25 Tryo

I have a Lvl 21 Geminititan with 6 health boosts I want to reclaim

And I made a nitro Tyrannolophosaur out of frustration months ago that I also wish to retire with 3 attack boosts and 11 speed boosts.

I am saving a spot for the eventual Alloraptor hybrid and the other void will be filled by lvl 26 Monostegotops and lvl 25 Stygidaryx for now unboosted.

So in total, I will be at a loss for 3 health boosts, 1.5 attack, and 5.5 speed

Same, only boosted for raids (and my mortem too, but that’s mostly done with raids in mind

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it is not a bad team.
But if i was in your place,i would wait before take off the boosts from gemini and tyranno,and maybe continu to play with them.
Keep collect boosts,allocate them on your mains goal,and wait the next shuffle.
You have to keep in mind you have 2 choice:
1-Take off the boosts,decide to reboost monostegotops/stygidaryx or even tryko/magna or something else to earn +200 trophy and take the risk to get a huge nerf which won’t help you and loosing 9 boosts.
2-Keep your current team,allocate boosts to your 8 main goals and wait the next shuffle to reallocate all the boosts spend on tyranno.

Never forget,boost is the most precious value on this game.Even Apex DNA is not worth it.

And if you have reach aviary,let me tell you,there is nothing more interesting up there,the “seasonals” are not worth it.

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I definitely have been only adding boosts to the “keepers” now. I’m pretty happy with what I will end up with. There are safe bets in the meta like Tryko and Dio that will remain staples even with a nerf here and there. Otherwise, for the most part, I choose super hybrids that i also am partial to in terms of play style and creature design.

Aside from Gemini falling behind level-wise, I’m kind of over the sauropod kit, as I used to also run a Maxima. I like my slow creatures to counter-attack.

I won’t be boosting Monostego or Stygidaryx as I don’t consider them staples, even if they are fun with the swap chaos they bring and synergy with my counter-attackers. I kind of just want to allocate my boosts to use, as I don’t want to leave any boosts on the bench. Apart from the killer design. It’s also why Tryo won’t leave my team, as it also serves me well in Raids. I’m sort of the designated Tryo guy in my Alliance.

With no certainty of a boost shuffle, I don’t know if I wil be able to wait 6 months to a year though. My OCD will ruin me by then lol

I took 1 tier in damage earlier in the year and I am whipping myself every night not to do that ever again.

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What did you take it off of?