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Haven’t been able to beat Mortem Rex yet? I may be able to point you in the right direction

Caution: untested strategy alert! Please do not hold me responsible for lost DNA if this does not work. But don’t let this disclaimer put you off trying the calculations for yourself, because this might be your best chance if you don’t have friends in high places.

What if I told you that it’s possible to beat Mortem with a team consisting of a boosted level 23 Unique, a boosted level 27 Unique, an unboosted level 24 Unique and an unboosted level 20 Rare?

Sound too good to be true? Well, I’ve run the numbers, and surprisingly it seems like this will work, if Mortem doesn’t crit for 2 specific turns (when it Cleanses). But as implied by the disclaimer, I can’t guarantee a victory, and my calculations might contain errors. But I am confident enough to share it anyway, so if you think it’s worth trying, then do so by all means.

Still with me? We’ll, if you want to try this out, you’ll have to ready your Giga Scents and be ready to stay up nights because the secret ingredient is Irritator.

Yes, I do mean you’d have to overlevel Irritator, but now that it’s a global night spawn, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Here’s its move set:

That double-attack buff is what makes it so special. At level 20, it’ll have enough HP to be able to take on the Mortem Raid depending on your Tuoramoloch‘s (the level 23 I mentioned) attack stat. In my case, it’ll need 1 HP boost.

The other creatures are Maxima (27) and Tenontorex (24), although hypothetically you could use anything else with decent HP that can dish out as much damage as Tenontorex in its place.

If y’all want details, I can give y’all the specifics, but bear in mind that the Tuora and Maxima have to be near max-boosted at a minimum.

I encourage y’all to strategise and come up with your own move orders and such, since doing all the math was pretty tedious, and I’m not willing to part with my strategy just yet.

But hopefully, this will be of help to anyone who doesn’t mind putting off fusing for Magna for a bit.

I’m trying out the strategy myself, so wish me luck!


Lol Irri’s still aint spawnin from my Giga Scent, after 4 straight nights. Mindblowing :exploding_head:how I still havent come across one in the wild. Though what HP, ATK and Speed does TenRex have to be?


I’m having trouble getting them to spawn myself lol. I did see one yesterday at dusk though, so they’re definitely out there.

I used a level 24 Tenontorex in my calculations, so it had 4081 HP, 1723 attack and 109 speed.


Ideally, you want anything to have 109+ speed if it’s under lv 30. That way tuora’s speed boost puts everything above the minions.


Just wonderin. Lol my lvl22 TenRex boosted does the job well enough.

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I got it at 121 :laughing:. I think thatll do the job

Will 3900 hp and 1800 attack work for the tenrex?

This would be the break down for that team,

So Turn 1.
1.Turomoloch does his priority speed attack.
2. Irritator being the 2nd fastest does Ready to Crush.
3. Ardentismaxima does taunt shattering rampage and kills the 2 side creatures. He better have a 15 attack boost.
4. Tenontorex hopefully slowest distracts.

Next turns. Keep ardentismaxima up and tanking.
Turomoloch does lesser group heals after Morten does an area attack. Greater heals to keep max up.
Irritator uses the priority buff… but only once… saves it for start of round 2.
Ardent chomps but saves his area attack for start of round 2
Tenonotrex does not chomp to take away the taunt. Does resilient strike and distracts before Mortem chomps. If it does defensive shattering rage it will take agro away from the Ardentismaxima.

Round 2. Start
Imitator does priority buff Group take down,
Turamoloch does priority speed buff attack
Ardentismaxima does area of attack killing adds and drawing agro.
Tenontorex distracts.

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Tailwind at the beginning of 2nd round cleanses, tenrex doesn’t need to distract first.

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I mean, I suppose that could work with higher level creatures, but it’s quite different from the move order I’m using.

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@Qaw mind PMing me the specifics? Or if youd like just post it here, if it aint a bother ofc.

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We’re trying out the strategy now, actually.


Yep. This strat works. a lot of luck on the crits, but it works.

12/11/0 tuora, not sure of the max and the irritator just had Hp so it could survive.


My Max was level 27 with 17/9/1


Nice! Were there any crits?

I actually have everything recorded, but I can’t share the videos on the forum for some reason.


mortem did crit, but as long as it wasn’t on a cleansing abilities, its fine.
It’s a battle against RNG to give you a good run.

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@Qaw I’d like to participate in your strategy testing

i think you have to upload to Youtube or something first. then copy the link here.


Here y’all go. I’m pretty sure this is a new record too.