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Haven’t griped about Thor in awhile so

Sick of Thor’s, sick of Thor’s, sick sick sick of Thor’s. That is all.


Everyone’s got one, I use a moderately boosted one, just cut the crit to 30% and make way for some diversity in the Library

thor’s fine. easy snipe.


So the issue is that everyone is using it?
For me Dinos such as Tryko or Magna are making the arena boring as they are in every single team. At least above Library.

Just use cunning dinos. Thor is one of the worst uniques, I don’t know why people struggle so much with it.


Boosts, mainly boosts, people say thor needs a nerf but its boosts that make her annoying and good, I hardly saw any during unique tournaments with no boosts at lvl 26

with barely enough boosts to give my whole team minimum stat increases unless i just max boost only a few (what i actually did) thors are a bit of a problem. easily identifiable as a boost issue.

for the casual player they are a huge problem when they’re 10+ levels on you due to people dropping to where they shouldn’t be. Thor itself isn’t an issue, but it is an easy scapegoat to blame.


Listen I got lvl 30 Magna and Sypx so I get it, even nitro Thors don’t stand a chance when you draw either of them. When you don’t is when Thor gets annoying because of that excessive crit level. It’s just got such a boring kit, so it shouldn’t be that good boosted

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The only thing I hate about Thor is that obnoxious Instant Charge. If Cunning Impact lasted two turns (or at least 2 attacks, ending when my dino takes their next turn), it wouldn’t bother me at all.


Thor’s only good when Boosted. Without boosts, it’s (easily) one of the weaker Uniques imo

Thor is only good with boosts. Even Allosinosaurus unboosted beats Thor unboosted. And I use a very lightly boosted Thor, and it struggles against most things. Only good against tanks for me.

I also don’t have any problems with Thor TODAY… I believe the main issue is that Thor is probably the favorite chosen one of many players to level up and boost above all else in their team, collaborating to this garbage that is the arena, which btw happens since Thor exists… So, the rant is always valid.


Thor and the Rat will forever be the persona non gratas of JW Alive, always have been, always will be.

Proud to always call myself a ThoRat hater :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I prefer leveling up other creatures. I can get Thor to level 26, but I’m not. I’m trying to get other creatures to good levels, then Thor

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No freaking way its the worst…u mean to say it’s worse than entelolania and poukan?

wihtout boosts she doesn’t do so well, that’s why you barely see her in the tournaments setting dinos at lvl 26 no boosts(is it a skill tourney? idk I always forget)
Poukan can take her out and enteloania has gotten a good buff so it is possible


Entelolania? Absolutely. Pouka probably not but they both have easily identifiable counters, and topple to them. Resiliant for eagle, cunning for Thor.

With the update entelolania is a total beast it can hit for over 11000 and dig in is nice it has amazing stats and huge armor and a resilient impact with the best normal attack and it can output the most damage in one turn with devastation (200 more than mortem) it’s actually probably one of the strongest now


In this meta? It’s bad team building to have too many of them on your team. Not to mention luck of the draw. I could be winning a pretty even match… in comes a lvl 30 monster Thor, and I have nothing that distracts. Completely turns the tide.


You obviously don’t want very many. Around 2 is fine, especially you have some well known thor counters that are also resilient, such as the longnecks.