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Haven’t griped about Thor in awhile so

Thor’s rampage is available on Turn 2. It only has a 1 turn delay.

Devastation isn’t available until turn 3.

Entelolania is good now, but it can’t beat any Fierce creatures in a straight fight.

If anything, it’s just a good alternative to Mammolania, as both now outright destroy Cunnings and everything that doesn’t have armor and/or a good Shield ability.

Nope. It’s already really weird that thor is the slowest unique in the game, as it should outspeed things like ardentis. But it can’t because of speed boosts. What should really happen is an expansion of the speed maximum (say 264 instead of 132) such that thor can NEVER outspeed a cunning. Although threads like this may still exist simply because it will out dps a way lower level lower boosted cunning at least it won’t sweep whole teams.

lonia is better against other dinos, not in a 1v1 against thor

yep I totally agree…wish others had the same POV as u…thor gets a lot of hate being considered the worst unique, which it definitely ain’t

You literally are ignoring everything I’m saying lania can kill thor with a resilient impact and pfs it does not need to use devastation to kill thor 1v1 thor’s rampage is available on turn 2 but thor will he slower on turn 2 and if he tries to rampage he will be dead before he goes

In fairness, yes in a non-boosted battle Thor loses to Entelolania.

Also boosted because like I pointed out earlier even a max attack boosted thor still loses 100% of the time to a max hp boosted entelolania if the thor is faster or tankier then give lania a few extra damage boosts lania always wins

Lania doesnt have stun resistance, end of story

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 3.17.53 PM
found a thor

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thats the thor I don’t hate

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It was a joke. The point is speed boosts have messed the entire thing up. Yes, Thor should be faster than Max, but the stats are all skewed now. And no, they should not make maximum speed higher. It’s already too messed up as it is.

Anyway, Ludia is not going to change any of it, so…