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Haven’t ranted about bugs in awhile so

Is it too much to ask Ludia just for the basics of the game to work right? Like if my creature has 100% speed resistance it doesn’t get slowed? Like if my creature is supposed to have 2 shields they actually appear.

I guess since I’m ranting over the same bugs I’ve seen for months, it is too much to ask. Sad.

Hey there, TorontoRaptor. I’m sorry to hear that you were experiencing some issues with a creature’s resistance/ability. Could I ask you to provide more details for our support team at so our team can investigate closer?

Thank you!

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In the speed thing, if by any chance you’re talking about Cera, just need to be sure you didn’t use the speed up move. Immune to decel doesn’t mean immune to speed debuff. I’ve seen people commit this mistake with Cera. Resilient moves will still nullify and keep Cera at base speed.

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 11.11.52 AM
i found a bug (i had to lol)