Haven’t received first time offer purchase in over two weeks

As title says, my support tickets have been ignored, even my emails.

I’ll gladly send a Mod / staff my Key, thanks for the warning as well.

Don’t EVER write your support key again.

How come? Just wondering, sorta new.

With your support key written down if someone wanted to they could take over/hack your account. Always best to not post it here on the forums. Do you remember what you were supposed to get for your 4.99? I only ask as I am not sure what offer that is for but I could see, depending on what it is, blending in with everything else going on in the game.

Not exactly, it’s very similar to the $7.99 offer they have up now.

Can you screen shot it? A lot of us wont see those offers since we are on one of their membership plans so we don’t get those offers. I am just curious what the offer is and if we can help decipher where it might have gone if you did actually get it. Also support can some times take 5-7 days before responding as a heads up.

Similar to the $7.99

With buying resources like that, unless you’re paying close attention you may not notice that they’ve been added because the resources will just appear

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Hey Recuringly, could you send me a private message of your support key/email you used to contact our team so I can take a look for you?


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Thank you for editing your first post @Recuringly