Haven’t seen a T-Rex for a while!


Hi everyone, am I the only one in this case since the new update? It passed 2 weeks till today! What about you guys?

Where are the t-rexs
Tyrannosaurus Rex ☢
Just not enough Trex
More of
T. rex

literally just caught one mate lol least you know they’re out there :+1::wink:


It’s been about a week since I last saw one…


Something to do with the migration I think…


With the July migration, I am seeing a lot more variations of epics including Concavenator, Ouranosaurus, Postdimetridon etc. Due to these variations of epics, I think the percent of T-rex appearance has gone down and based on your luck, what epic you see.


Saw one today for the first time in ages. Escaped in about 5 seconds though :roll_eyes:


Been 2 days, oddly enough got sone on the free incubator today.


Been writing in my little log. I spotted two Trexes yesterday, one at walmart, and the other at a local park. Aside from these two, it’s been since the 11th of July since I’ve spotted a Trex.

Seems like the concavenators are replacing them lol


Around a week and half or so for me.


I don’t think I’ve seen one for over a week unfortunately. I really need the DNA. :frowning:


Ive seen several T-Rex’s all throughout Southern CA since the last update. Never of short supply here. Will be in Northern CA Friday, Ill report what I find from there


I saw one today for the first time in 2 weeks, and it was during work hours too far to dart. :frowning:


Saw a new T-rex yesterday after two weeks of so… :star_struck:


Been in Northern Cal since Thursday and no T-Rex sightings. Tons of UtahRaptor up here tho . Happy hunting , folks !


Anyone know where they migrated to? I’m in eastern Virginia, no rexes here except gene 2.


Here in Pennsylvania haven’t seen one in over a week, going out haunting soon so hopefully that will change!!!


hunting i meant to write😉


Did they go extinct? I haven’t seen Gen 1 in quite awhile and never ever seen or got DNA in the incubators for Gen 2 but I see many people have Gen 2 in the battle arena.


No, it seems like their spawn rate has been dropped highlighting Concavenator, Ouranosaurus and other epic! They just migrated to another planet!
Thanks for all your answers guys! :+1:


Been trying to find trex for weeks usually spawns in a few different places i visit at work and at home but nothing for weeks… anybody know where the best places to find them and what time of day they spawn most? I know vp spawn rapid at night so im thinking there must be a common time for a trex to spawn…