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Haven't found a single Parasaurolophus Lux SR

Now, granted, I don’t go out as much as I normally do because, well, pandemic.

But whenever I’ve had to go out, I’ve tried to get this last dino for the collection. I’ve seen all of the other close range spawns, got enough to last me a long time. But I haven’t seen a single Parasaurolophus Lux since it’s been released. The only time I darted one was with the event. In the meantime, I’ve seen people say that they’re fairly common!

Is this just really awful RNG? Are they more likely to appear in certain areas?


Ive never seen one either

Just RNG. I’ve encountered I think 2? Maybe 3? It’s very very rare and there isn’t any way to increase spawns. Just gotta be very very lucky


That’s really bad luck,I’ve probably encountered about 15 of them and I started playing abt 3 months ago

I don’t know how many of you will know what us19 is (8 lanes wide but not the highway so heavy traffic, stop lights… its awful) but I drive it to work and I see 2-5 a week. Maybe they spawn more frequently on busier roads.

I used to find one almost every night once they first were released. Then an update or so later they became very rare. I actually found one last night and I may find one once a week or every 2 weeks.

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Unfortunately, you’re probably just having bad luck. I don’t see them too much either though. I’ve only found four in the wild so far.

That is not true. After 2.7 I haven’t seen any of them anymore. I saw mine always at night.

These I agree with. Its just luck based it looks like

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seen maybe a total of 4 or 5. helps that i sit on hidden spawn points at work and home.

I’ve only seen 3 and I’m 5 dna from unlocking it😭

Think I’ve darted 2, and seen a third (which disappeared before I could dart).

Yeah just bad luck I didn’t encounter too much but enough to make it lvl 20
(Keep in mind that I’m on the road pretty much daily so it isn’t much at all)



While yea for me it was RARE!! Like I thought getting a 100 fuse was more common, as of late I have seen quite a few. (I have 2771 dna) but honestly there’s not method other then just taking LONG car rides or things like that. That’s what I have noticed to be the best way of getting one to spawn. I can’t even count the amount I have found. Sry if I mad anyone mad (that’s not my intention)

I just got one, and it was day light!?!

I’ve driven over more than I ran across walking around where I can grab them.

para has been spawning in daylight for a while now, I think the mods announced it officially or something a long while after they implemented it

Yea, I knew that. I was just saying it doesn’t only spawn at night. Sry for the confusion

I have seen it 2 or 3 times in the wild and once for the event. But with the pandemic, I am not on the move much as the OP mentioned. I have seen someone get it to level 30 already, so I guess you need to go for long walks on a daily basis or maybe ride a bus (not sure if it has time to spawn while in a vehicle).

I haven’t seen Para Lux for weeks now. It’s about once a month for me that she appears.