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Haven't played for a bit, what stuff have I missed

Had to stop playing due to work reasons but slowly getting back into the game. Feel like I’m a bit out of the loop on the current meta, new bosses and new creature, ect.

Since I stepped down a bit end of 2.0 tell me the important stuff I’ve missed since then and how the meta is holding up

Here’s a brief summary of the MAIN changes

  • Ardentistmaxima got nerfed and then buffed :sweat_smile:

  • A Sloth got added

  • Tons of emotes are being added

  • 1 Resilient Apex creature have been added

  • Another Resilient Apex creature is coming November 24th


Nice. sounds good

Correction: Xenarthrans got added. :wink:

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correction “a sloth got added”(eremotherium)
not plural… yet
but multiple xenarthrans got added like Eremotherium, Doedicurus , and if 2.2 update is true, Glyptodon

oh and you cant forget sonorasaurus got added
and raid boss hadros lux
ino+arcaeotherium hybris (inostherium)
Hadros lux apex