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Haven't played in well over a year, is this worth getting back into?

First topic I read on the forum is about Amber Club players quitting, so that’s not the best sign.

I redownloaded this game today and tried to start up again. Every creature I have on my team has had their kit changed significantly; my Trystronix lost Ferocious Strike, my Erlidominus can be slowed, my Tryko can’t Distract, and it seems like Diorajasaurus is pretty OP against teams without an answer to shields.

Additionally, every creature and ability has a wikipedia page’s worth of text to read…complete with resistances, particular immunities, etc.

I left this game maybe half a year after boosts were introduced, so it’s definitely been some time. I just wanna get a feel for what the state of the game is and whether it’s worth it/less painful to grind entirely new teams since almost nothing I have seems viable anymore.

Let me know your thoughts.

I only read the title, but. . . Probably not.


Why’s that? What’s goin on lately?

Biggest thing is it’s EXTREMELY grindy and the matchmaking sucks, like it’s actually terrible. Im at 4300 trophies and i’ll play people with level 26 uniques when I only have one unique. I would save yourself the time lmao

I recently came back myself after quitting right before launch of 1.9 and am having fun, but I play lower level arena and just use dinosaurs I like.

I also only play 10% of what I did in the past.

Oh DracoRat got balanced btw, it can’t one shot a dinosaur from full health so that’s a huge positive for myself and anyone who suffered though the Rat pandemic.


The short answer is - no.
Now if you don’t mind the terrible matchmaking in the Arena and tournaments, all the bugs and all the exclusive dinos locked behind paywall/events - then yeah, the rest is a somewhat fun game. A very grindy game too.


It seems like most players quit and returned in 2020. At the moment, you’re gonna want to de-rank to fallen kingdom so badly for easy wins tho. At even levels the arena is balanced but matchmaking is terrible, I mean how often have you been matched up against 28+ boosted creatures? And it seems to consistently change the meta for no reason. Plus, when giga scents go, it’s gonna be a lot harder getting DNA. So at the moment… the game is a love/hate relationship for me, since I get salty when the game gives me a dino I don’t need for a battle I could’ve won if they gave me the correct dino, and proceed to give me that same dino when I don’t need it. It’s gotten to the point where I yawn at anyone who uses an overleveled nitro Thor, monolorhino AND dracoceratops, and a whole lot. The best way to play is as a collector and I wouldn’t go for apexes as a collector.

Overall, not worth the anger unless you want to throw loads of money or just want to collect everything.

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Well,actually is one of the best states of the games.
Boosts have been balanced (except speed boost) and now are more accessible (over 10 boosts points of each kind a day).
But i feel like in the future,this game is gonna be a chore with the uprising of those easy to get Apex.
We will see in few month but the evidence is gonna happen.
-No one will lvl up legendary and uniques,just getting them for collection:too expensive to lvl up to 26 (base lvl of APEX),why would anyone spend over 500k (price cost of everything to lvl up including component to reach lvl 26 unique) for something not meta relevan when you can have this lvl 26 APEX for free (doing Apex every week cost you nothing)which can 3-0 uniques?
-Arena will be completly unbalance:Even lvl 10 rares can accomplish the mortem rex:what does it mean?badland will not be out of troubles.Even lower lvl players will have them.
-In the end,we will use our Apex to defeat the others Apex:And thats why uniques and legendary will be useless.Why would you dart even those epics?they are not component of Apex.

So:actually,the game is fun but it not gonna last long.
Mortem rex start to invade arena around 5k trophy:
In a month,everyone is gonna have it lvl 26
in 3 month everyone is gonna have it lvl 29.

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I started up the game 2 weeks ago, I could have written this topic myself.

I did see all this changed to my dinos and I just wondered how its even possible to change so many dinos in 8 months.

All this changes makes me frustrated, irritated and out of control. If I have tryed to build a specific dino, invested time for coins and dna and a few months later its usless?! How players just accept this year after year is out of my understanding!

I have deranked, gaved up all my level 26-30 dinos and played with dinos level 16-21. The arena is still boosted so much so I need to make a decision to invest those boosts in this low level dinos to even compete and have good battles.

Answer: No.

There is not fun to play in the higher areas when boosts are the only way to win a game.

There is not fun to play in the lower areas when boosts are the only way to win.

And this specific attribute have killed the game. Goodbye to a lot of funny dinos and competitive matches. This is just :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

… together with the whole rechanged idea of immun dinos.

I will play to the end of this season.


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That doesn’t make it fun though; it’s one of the best states = not as broken as say 2.0 :smiley: Ever since I started playing about 1.5 years ago, there have been some good changes and a lot of bad changes.
Apex creatures are a time bomb indeed, and boosts being more accessible actually results in more stale meta in my opinion. Players just pile on more and more boosts on the same team creatures they already have boosted to stay competitive, which creates an even bigger gap between team creatures and the rest = less people experimenting with new teams. But ultimately that doesn’t matter much anyway, with such bad balance and matchmaking currently in the game.

Nope not worth it, there are probably more fun alternatives.

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Absolutely yes it is!

Join a lively alliance with discord, chat with the players and join in the raids. Do the weekend tourneys and get your ten takedowns so you’ll get the best rewards. The weekly alliance rewards should be decent too.

Find your place in the arena and don’t put too much emphasis on climbing too quickly to begin with. Just have fun experimenting.

And remember, collecting them all is fun too and with the free Giga scents and cheap darts you can get hours of fun daily.


Yes, JWA is most definitely worth getting back into. There have been some big shake ups with the game entering 2.0 (we’ve just had 2.2 a couple days ago) but they have for the most part improved the game a lot.


You’re out. If I were in your position I’d wanna stay out.
It’s more grindy than it once was. Boosts, coins, dna. More creatures means less chance to see what you need, compounding the grind.
Raids are cool, at first. Apex are an absolute chore.
Climbing the competitive ladder is tougher with the 30/30 trophy system.
Having said all that… if any prospective players are seeing this, it IS still a good game. I love it. I just wouldn’t want to be a returning player, knowing how it was in previous iterations and adjusting to the new.


Reading through these replies I’m surprised how split the community is.

On a side note: can anybody explain why everybody loves the giga scents? I find it hard to believe anybody is sitting in front of their phone for 3 consecutive hours to check a scent every 2 minutes, or am I wrong on that?

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I’d say it’s worth giving the game another shot, see if you like it. The arena is as balanced as it was pre 2.0 and now we have far more new features like raids. Immunity is no longer a thing, which means that it is less likely to have a creature as OP as indoraptor gen 2 and yoshi were. Creatures seem more balanced now than pre 2.0 and this allows more creatures to play in the arena (I’m not saying its completely balanced though, it still needs some major fixes). Overall, I think its better but I think it would be better if you tried it out and saw for yourself

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The giga scents were added because when the Coronavirus plague started many countries had or have lockdowns which prevented people leaving home, and Ludia wanted people to be able to avoid going out near others during a pandemic unnecessarily.


Sure I understand that, but since animals spawn every 2 minutes, does anybody actually keep their phone open for 3 full hours to get the max benefit out of this?

3 hours straight? I don’t

I dont sit there for 3 hours, but since it lasts so long I don’t mind closing the game for a while and coming back later to see it still going.

It will be sad to see them go in the end.