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Having a hard time picking the right Qholillaroon?

If you can wound Qholillaroon before he copies himself, just hold tap and hold over any version of him, and the true one will be the one with less than maximum HP.
Never attack the wrong one again!

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Huh, I thought they fixed this exploit a long time ago (last Summer?). I guess it crept back in when they updated something else.

There are a lot of exploits I still use.
Force crashing the app, changing equipment to reset cooldowns, etc.

Any other ways of cheating you’d like to admit to?

It’s not cheating if it’s an available option in the game.
If I modified the game itself, then I’d be cheating.

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Ludias ToS is vague on what they consider cheating but you’re wrong if you think simply because an option to expolit a programming error exists, it’s not cheating. In other games I’ve played they’ve gone as far as accusing such players of being opportunists and outright banned them for exploiting errors. G’luck with your degraded sense of morality.

For the most part, I agree that clear instances of exploits due to Developer oversight and/or unintentional interactions are cheating.

However it’s not always clear what is or is not intended.

For example, Tommus’ armor can be exponentially increased by allowing low level swarms to repeatedly hit him with the right gear. You can get up to 2 billion armor. Is this cheating? It’s not playing the game as intended, certainly because you need to not kill the opponents. It is nevertheless working as the rules are written. I’d say it isn’t cheating but your opinion may differ.

Unless the developers come out with a patch or statement clearly delineating what is cheating and what isn’t, I think that the users should avoid accusing others based on their own opinions, especially when it is unclear. That would lead to unproductive witch hunting.


Google “The Game King Glitch”

Anything I’m doing in the game is an option as presented by the developer or by my phone.
In no way does it take money from the developers or lower the integrity of the game. It simply changes statistical odds within the game to be better in my favour.

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