Having a problem

So…. I’m thinking of getting a level 40 Stegosaurus for Stegoceratops. And I have enough DNA, food , and Dino Bucks to get one. I just don’t know if it’s worth wasting a ton of resources on a Dino that I’m just going to hybridise. Any advice?

It’s worth it because of Monostegotops.

Stegoceratops aside, any hybrid that makes a S-hybrid is worth it, aside from Giganky. The Hybrids who don’t make s-hybrids range from great to garbage, but still have some use. For example, Koolasaurus is a worse investment than Ostaposaurus because of how weak she is. At that point if just comes down to what players will want. I wanted to collect every dino and Hybrid so I even fused the garbage ones.

With some PvE events like the super rares only, I still find use for the weaker super rare hybrids.


What is PvE?

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I think it’s just the events that happen daily like fight for funds, monsters of the deep, rarity rumble, stuff like that.

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Player Versus Environment


Update: I got stegosaurus to Level 40…. Not gonna hybridise it yet. I want to admire how it looks like.