Having connection issues today

Anyone else having this problem?

Yep. It’s been freezing up for hours.

Can’t login at all. Hope it’s fixed soon, can’t miss out on the epics this weekend.

I have a problem too, with my game because when I was played tournament appears code 19 and my game crash

Yes, have not even been able to open the game. It won’t connect :frowning: came here to see if it was only me

Freezing issues, won’t connect, won’t open… Uninstalled, reinstalled, closed and opened again and again… It’s been quite frustrating!

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yes, won’t open most times, then freeze

Still having connection issues. Haven’t been able to do much of anything on the game before I lose connection.

Yup, one of 20 times I can login but as soon as the screen closes or it loads I’m unable to login again.

I had trouble connecting over WiFi last night and this morning but phone data it would load, WiFi is working fine at my house so I’m not sure why it’s doing that. Stuck loading over WiFi. Send to have been fixed now though.