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Having fun on PVP

Hi all we should have a topic wich we can talk about those super duper rare batlles when we actually have fun batlling someone else and when strategy actually matters ,no Rat bs allowed
Theres mine story ,happened few minuts ago against a guy named Matt already invite him has a friend btw…
I never had so much fun doing pvp till i batlle him we finished by having is dioraja against my grypo wich become tedious for obvious reasons but was so refreshing and fun ,he played really well and i needed to switch into my indo and then swap again into grypo to recover hp and keep dioraja pinning down

I finished by won and istant send him a invite
Iff you are out there buddy really thank you for that batlle you did really good

I don’t have photos, but a shout out to NuitariK. That was a great fight. You almost had me with that Stegod.

I once got trashed in Aviary by a team with only boosted commons. My team was uniques and legendaries but they had perfect counters to every move I made. I managed to get 2 KOs, but still lost the match.

I was friends with them for a while after but I think they stopped playing or cleaned out their friends list (if they really were that good, they probably get requests all the time).

Edit: this was months ago so I don’t remember every detail, only the broad strokes.